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So, I have this fur coat.  A fake one obviously.  It’s been sat in its M&S bag for 4 months in the boot of my car …  (yes, M&S again – I have literally turned into my Mum) but I finally plucked up courage to wear it this week.


I blogged about it here so you can see what it looks like … but it’s mid-thigh length (hides the butt), dark brown and like most awesome things in life, VERY strokeable.  (Just had a debate on Twitter as to how to spell ‘strokable/strokeable.’  I now don’t think the word actually exists but it’s staying.)


The trouble was, I felt a little out of place wearing it.  I don’t work in London and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure Maidstone was quite ready for the sight of me in a fur coat.


So, I put it to Twitter:


And got this reply:



EXACTLY!  Nobody puts Baby in the corner!  (or something.)   Not only should I totally wear it, but I should try and wear it in the most mundane of places.  I like a challenge, so I’ve worn it for the past 2 days.  Yesterday saw my fur coat and I (we make a great couple) visit Primark, Natwest, Dorothy Perkins and the Post Office.


Today, we went to Subway.


I’m trying to bring a little bit of glamour back into my life … (#BringingGlamourBack) … by the medium of fake fur.


And then a funny thing happened.


Yesterday, on my way back to the office, a man did a double take when he saw me.  Now believe me, this doesn’t really happen to me anymore.  I don’t know if it’s a size/age/me thing … but gone are the days where builders whistle or men walking past letch.  And I don’t miss it.  But I do being looked at occasionally.  It feels like I’m invisible.  I came to terms with that and figured that’s just what happens when you get to my age.  But, as regular readers of my blog know, I’m very comfortable with who I am so it is no big deal.


Anyway, the same guy passed me again today on my way back to work except this time he said hello, and when I said hello back he stopped, turned round and made his way towards me.


Christ!  What now?!  This was unprecedented territory!  I am so out of practice that I completely froze.  I didn’t know whether to just ignore him walking towards me, run, walk towards him, or just stand there like a complete melon.


I chose the latter.


“Hi, I saw you yesterday.  I’m Andrew.  What’s your name?”


Panic, panic, panic.  Do I make up a name and introduce myself as Maureen from Maidstone?  Do I do what I do when a charity collector tries to accost me and pretend I’m late for a meeting?  Or do I just talk to the bloke?  After all, he’s been brave enough to approach me.


“I’m Kate,” I replied.


God, even writing back this exchange makes me cringe.  I remember a time when not only did men approach me more than once every 2 years, but I knew what to do!  Hell, I remember a time when I’d approach a man in a bar if I liked him!  But today, I stood there and I froze.


“I’ve seen you around.  Do you think you’d like to go out sometime Kate?” he asked.


“Oh I can’t I’m afraid.  I have a boyfriend,” I lied.




Pathetic.  It was like being 15 all over again.


I think he knew I was lying but smiled and said OK, and he then wandered off.


And that was that really.


And I know exactly what the issue is.  It’s a control thing.  When I date, it’s my choice who I date, where we go, and what happens.  Today, that was all thrown out of the window and I had to relinquish all control.  I didn’t know what to do.


I’m not sure whether it was the lure of my fur (so to speak) or whether I just walk differently whilst I wear it, but I do feel different when I wear it.  Hard to explain but I’m beginning to feel more like myself.  It’s nice.


I think I’ve just had the stuffing knocked out of me lately, that’s all.  I know the confidence will come back at some point but until then, I’m going to wear the hell out of this fur coat and see what happens on Day 3!




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  1. If you see him again, why not approach him? tell him you panicked when he spoke to you today, and no you don’t have a boyfriend and yes Andrew I would like to go for a drink with you one lunchtime. Thank you.

    You are a strong, independent woman who can manage a drink one lunchtime, go on, you can do it. You and your fur coat together.
    I love the fact that he was brave enough to stop and speak to you, it can’t be easy to be a bloke these days!

    1. I’m sure you’re right. But I just didn’t see it coming! (so to speak) It’s a control thing … when I make the choices, like in my dating life, and I’m in control, I’m happy. This is almost like relinquishing control and I wasn’t prepared! He was brave though, you’re totally right.

  2. Go Kate! I have a faux fur leopard print number from Topshop and I wear it everywhere! Mum’s now borrowing it too & it’s fierce (Raar). I wonder if you maybe didn’t fancy him too as think if you did, irrespective of the control thing, you’d had gone for it. I’m sure you and your cost have many wild times ahead and I bet you do get lots of admiring looks…think you’re just not seeing it x

    1. I need a leopard print fur coat in my life. Fact. And you’re right, I probably just didn’t fancy him enough to risk it (for a chocolate biscuit.) As for the admiring looks … I really don’t know about that. But thank you x

      1. Mine is from Topshop and is a beauty-you would rock a leopard print coat and you are def missing the admiring glances x

  3. NOTHING beats a bit of faux fur! It deffo makes you FEEL different! I think it’s both that it restores a bit of glamour, AND feels so soft. Mind you, made the mistake of wearing mine on the school run the other day. Big mistake. HUGE! How to feel ostracized in one bundle of softness! Note to self – Don’t do that! Fab post – as always x

    1. “Ooooh look, it’s that Hill woman, all dressed in fur for the school run. Who DOES she think she is?!” That kinda thing? I really like wearing my fur coat to boring places. I am going to try the garage tomorrow 🙂 x

  4. All about the confidence a new item can bring. I remember years ago when Trinny and Susannah ‘What not to wear’ was on on a Wed evening and I would ALWAYS end up making more effort for work on a Thurs.
    Someone once told me never to save anything for ‘best’ or it will never be seen.
    Can’t wait to hear more adventures of the fur!

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