(Firstly, this isn’t a sponsored post by M&S, I just happen to have shopped there yesterday!)


As you know, I’m in the (LONG) process of having to sell my house and thankfully, the wheels are turning again and it looks like I could be out within the month.  I don’t have anywhere lined up but we’ll probably still go to Dads first.


So my mind has turned to nesting … and thinking about FINALLY having my own place.  I’ve never had a house I can call my own – I’ve always lived with someone, and so my next place will be special.  It’ll be mine.


I had a wander round my local M&S yesterday and it was one of those shopping trips where I saw far too many things I liked, so I thought I’d share them with you.  For that is the beauty of having a blog … contrary to what some people may think, you can write what you damn well please.  So there.


And so … first up:



Thought this ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ framed pic was lovely – if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a big quote lover #BQL  … and I think this will look great in my new flat.  When I eventually move.






This is a box (stating the bleeding obvious) – but it’s such a pretty box.  I don’t think it’s necessarily a jewellery box but it’s gorgeous.  Pearlescent with a silver trim … it’d look great anywhere in the home but ideally on a dressing table.  If I had one.






Heart candles. A little twee? Perhaps. But I still think they’re cute. Different sizes too … and don’t forget, always have things like this in 3’s. (Apparently that’s ‘a thing.’)







I think this is faux leather – Dexter and I did the sniff test – but it’s a lovely shade of tan (a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever type,) and it’s a decent size. I think Dexter has modelled this beautifully – his idea to put it round his neck btw. Can you imagine how long this process actually took just to get these two photos?!








M&S have a good range of different perfumes now, but some of them are unbearably floral. Which isn’t my thing at all. However, Black Amber was lovely – much more pheromoney. It’s a word – look it up.



Also … as I was trying Black Amber on, this was me:








Gorgeous Bee and Butterfly decorative plates. Can’t say I’d really have any use for them, but I don’t think that’s the point. They just look nice!





These are actually candles – you (obviously) take the lid off. I don’t think they were scented, but I smelt so many I could have just lost my sense of smell completely after the amount of candles I smelt. Beautiful thought isn’t it? You could use it as a little trinket box afterwards.






Dexter again modelling a bag. Look at that face – he’s loving it! This was a leather bag, with an adjustable canvas strap – perfect for weekends. Think it might have been around £35.




And finally:



I’m really not sure of the point of having a wooden hashtag on your sideboard, but we found it funny. Dexter did, of course, feel the need to make a Timberlake hashtag gesture whilst posing. Thats my boy!



So there you have it. Didn’t buy anything of course, can’t afford it, but sometimes it’s nice to just window shop. It’s nicer to actually buy stuff mind you.



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