For those of you who follow my inane drivel on Twitter, you may have noticed me live tweet the show Catfish every Monday at 9pm for a few months.  My friends Laura, Mary and I spent 60 minutes every week talking about this show.  For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, a quick summary:


So you’re talking to someone online that you want to date, but you haven’t yet met them.  In the US version of the show, some people have never seen the person they’re talking to, let alone met them.  Not on Skype.  Or Facetime.  No proof at all that they are who they say they are.    Nev and Max (aaaah … Nev and Max *dreamy face*) are then brought in to facilitate a meeting between the two potential lovebirds, but invariably it goes horribly wrong because … the other person isn’t quite who they say they are, aka, they’re a ‘catfish.’   As in a gay woman is pretending to be a man … or a gay man is pretending to be a woman.  You get the gist.


Best. Show. Ever.


Suffice to say I’m a fan.  Anyway, there I was, checking my emails today (during my lunch hour of course,) when I noticed an email entitled, ‘New TV Show – Catfish in the UK.’


OMG.  This was it.  The moment I’ve been waited for.  MTV WANT ME!!!!


Hmmm, not so much.  But they did want my help in finding someone that could take part in the show.  (I think the fact I’m not actually dating at the moment was a flaw in my whole ‘be on MTV’s Catfish show’ plan.)


I’ll be honest, when I date I make it a rule to talk to a potential date on the phone, preferably FaceTime or at least swap recent photos … the sooner you meet up the better.  I can’t imagine anyone would leave it years before meeting.  But who am I to judge?!  (OK, maybe I am a little.)


However, if you ARE in a position wherein you’ve been talking to someone online but haven’t, for whatever reason, met up with that person yet, Catfish want to hear from you.


Don’t forget to say I sent you!  (details here:


I would do anything … ANYTHING … for a Max and Nev sandwich but alas, I was so very close, but so very far.


Catfish Max




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  1. You have totally missed a trick.

    You’ve been chatting to Laurence now for four years, you’ve never met. Laurence lives in West Yorkshire and is very handsome.

    Kate, Nev and Max *rubs thighs* travel to West Yorkshire to meet Laurence who turns out to be Laura!

    Pah, look at what WE could have won.

    1. Oh Laura, Laura, Laura … you really don’t know me at all. Don’t you think the first thing I asked was, “Are Nev and Max presenting?!” She couldn’t confirm .. so I didn’t bother fake storying her.

  2. Your dedication to the cause has waned. You don’t deserve to be on Catfish.

    Having said that if their replacements were Vernon Kaye and Chris Evans we are better off out of it.

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