I talked about vlogging yesterday and how it was surprising how interested/nosey people are in other peoples’ lives – even the mundane stuff.  It’s going to take a few days to get an initial vlog up and running and so I thought that in the meantime, in the spirit of all things mundane, I’d look around the house and see if I could share something with you to gauge your reaction.  Just how boring could I get?!


Well, wait no more!  I welcome you to …. (*drumroll*) …. my bedside table!!  I know, I know, but if the ‘What’s in my handbag?’ vlogs are anything to go by, I should get thousands of hits!    Now, as promised, I’ve kept it real … as you can see, I certainly didn’t tidy up!


As you can see, we have all the essentials there:  Diet Coke, Pringles, notebook, candles.  There is also a bowl hidden at the back which was the remnants of my apple crumble and custard I’d had for tea.  Anyone who says I don’t know how to live doesn’t know me!

Moving on:

Two bottles of dark, red nail varnish – one from Max Factor, the other No.7.  Both with just dregs in the bottom and a bit sticky if I’m honest.  Proverbial candles from Ikea – everyone has them right?  One’s vanilla, and the other is cinnamon I think.  I’d love to be able to afford a gorgeous White Company or Jo Malone candle but alas .. I can’t, so this will have to do.  That’s my work notebook, but I always have a notebook and pen on my bedside table – you never know when The Big Idea might come to you!

Quite why I need 2 lighters, I’m not sure.  The Busy Bee lip balm is from Neal’s Yard and was a freebie from an event I went to.  Tis lovely.  Mints … well, you just never know when you might need fresh breath … ahem, say, if you have company, and the hairclip is a bit redundant as my hair is so thick nothing can quite cope with it.

I have a shelf underneath my ‘special drawer’ … (glossing over that) that houses all my books.  All my books that I ever get round to reading although this one is next on my list:

The 2 black boxes at the back contain nail polishes (yes, a whole box) and the other is for medication – headache and indigestion pills mostly!  I’ve now added a half eaten apple core to set the tone.

So there you have it.  I could have pretended it was always polished and full of pretty trinkets and fresh flowers.  It’s not.  To be honest, it was a whole lot worse before my friend stayed for New Year!

I need to now know what’s on your bedside table!!

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