I keep banging on about 2014 being ‘my’ year.  I’ve probably been saying the same thing for the past twenty years mind you.  I’m not sure what is different with my mindset this time, but something is definitely different.


One of the first things I’m going to attempt is add a new vlogging aspect to WitWitWoo.


I have done considerable research into this area … which has basically consisted of me watching gorgeous 20 year old girls talk about lipsticks and handbags.  As I continued my research on Twitter today, one interesting concept came up … the realisation of just how nosey we all are!  Which, as a blogger, is great news because it’s just confirmation that there will always be someone, somewhere, prepared to wile away a few minutes listening to me spout nonsense.  Result!  I was worried that people wouldn’t be interested in the contents of my handbag … but you’d be surprised!


Anyway, there seems to be a certain trend when it comes to vlogging in the beauty blogger/lifestyle genre, which seem to fall into these categories:  clothes bought, make-up applied, hair titted about with and gigs attended.  Every single vlog I watched was by a 20-something, very stylish, on-trend girl.  I don’t mean to sound patronising or judgemental when I say that, believe me, they have a HUGE following and do a fantastic job in that demographic.  But it’s just not … relevant.


The thing is … where do vlogs like this leave me (and women like me)?  I have nothing in common with these girls.  Nothing.  And yet there IS a crossover in the lifestyle category – I’m still interested in hair and make-up, but what I’m interested in and my view on these things is going to be entirely different to what is currently out there now. I’m a plus size woman, I’ve had children so need to think about what clothes flatter my mummy tummy, as opposed to choosing what’s en vogue.  I tend to think comfort and class, rather than short and tight.  I only have 5 minutes in the morning to do my face AND hair.  I spent most of today on eBay looking at DSLR cameras … and washing machines.  I love nothing more than browsing around a second hand book shop or baking a cake.  Which I’ll then eat in the evening … whilst reading the book I bought earlier in the bookshop.  THESE things make me happy and I daresay, amongst MY demographic, I’m not alone.


I’d like to plug the gap in the vlogging market and provide a voice for women that aren’t 20 anymore but who haven’t quite resorted to a ‘set’ on a Friday to see them through the week and talk about aching bunions at Greggs on a Tuesday after collecting their pension.


As my Twitter friend, @stepfordreject rightly pointed out, what’s missing is seeing vloggers unafraid to laugh at themselves.  Vlogging seems to have seriously gone up its own backside (with a few notable exceptions.)


I don’t have a professional camera, or lighting, or backdrop.  There will probably be rogue underwear on the radiator behind me as I film on my iPhone, and  I am under no illusion whatsoever that Dexter will photobomb every video I do.  But I’m excited about launching a new (for me) platform, especially as I’m not really sure what I’m doing – that’s the exciting part!


As the quote above (oh I love a quote) says:  “Normality is a paved road:  it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it.”  If I don’t keep evolving, I will stagnate and, horror of horrors, becoming boring.  And no-one wants that.


Watch this space.



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