Thinking of those fateful Secret Santa ideas can be a real chore. What do you buy for the office temp you’ve only ever spoken to once? You can’t get something personal and thoughtful, you don’t know the guy. It’s such a busy time of the year, have you even got time to do it? You’re going to need a helping hand.


It’s times like this when you have to ask yourself, ‘What would Santa do?’


As we all know Father Christmas has a great time saving method. He can slow down time. I know this because if he travelled on speed alone he would have to travel at 7,800 times the speed of sound, and that would create a sonic boom that would wake up every child on the planet. So what we have to do is discover our own time saving method for getting gifts. Sadly I have no magic reindeer, dust or elves to offer you, but what you have already is a computer with the internet.

Internet Shopping will save you a tonne of time, you don’t have to make the effort of going into the town centre, cold and getting knocked about by the thousands upon thousands of other Christmas shoppers panicking about what to buy. Here are some tips for internet shopping this Christmas:


  • Make sure the sites you are buying from are reputable before making a purchase. Do a little research on the websites first, ask your friends have shopped their or look them up with a search engine.


  • Shop around. If you find the ideal present online, put the keywords in a search engine and see if you can find a cheaper price on another website. You’d be surprised what the price difference could be. Don’t forget to take into account the delivery prices as this may end up costing more than a site that offers a more expensive product but cheaper delivery.


  • Look for a daily deals or special offers sections. You may find yourself a bargain for way less than the usual retail price.


  • Some sites offer Secret Santa suggestions to help you find the right present, hacking off huge chunks of time browsing the massive vastness of the internet. There are some cool suggestions available here.


  • Be aware of the expected delivery times before you make the purchase. You don’t want the present to be late and see the disappointed face of your co-worker. Most websites will give you an expected delivery date or tell you the amount of days it takes to arrive.  The earlier you order the better, the nearer you get to Christmas, the longer it’ll take. During the festive season sometimes it’d be wiser to go for a faster delivery time, even if it costs a tad more, then at least you’re sure the gift will arrive on time.


  • Hopefully your co-worker won’t ask this of you, but just in case they are rude enough to do so be conscious of the website’s returns policies and see if you can get a full refund or credit.



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