Remember I told you that Dexter is going away for the New Year (and that I’m going to be CHILD FREE FOR FIVE DAYS!!!)?  Well the company that run the holiday, ATE, asked if Dexter had any questions for them before he went.  Dilly from ATE has kindly answered them for him … make of Dexter’s questions what you will!


Hi Dexter,

My name is Dilly and I’m a monitor for ATE.  Whilst I’m not going to be on your holiday over New Year, I have (I hope) the answers to all your questions.  The one about bacon made me laugh, well done!

1)     Are people kind? Absolutely! ATE is much loved amongst the children who come on holiday with us lots and the returning children will really want you to be included and get into the ATE spirit.  The monitors will always be around to make sure you’re happy and having fun. Ask them any questions, tell them any worries or just have a chat, they’ll want to get to know you!

2)     Is it a great place to stay? Bredenbury is beautiful!  It’s a boarding school during term time, big dorms  for down time and bedtime stories and a big snug area with an open fire.  As well as inside being amazing, there is SO MUCH GRASS to run around on and woods to explore. I’m crossing my fingers for snow, because there ain’t no snowball fight like an ATE snowball fight!

3)     Is there bacon? We have some pretty brilliant cooks on ATE, who will make sure you’ve eaten something different, healthy and tasty every day.  I can’t confirm or deny whether bacon will make an appearance, as each holiday has a different menu, but I’m confident you won’t go hungry! J

4)     Do you have to share a room?  The short answer to this is yes!  It’s one of the best bits about ATE, as you get to hang out with your dorm mates and your Monitor throughout the day and in the evening.  The dorm is where some of the best fun is found, so don’t be nervous about it! You may also have a day group that you do some activities with; to make sure you meet as many people as possible!

5)     Who will meet me at the train?  We have a meeting point in London, where you will meet all the other children catching the train with you up to Birmingham. As well as meeting the other children, you’ll meet at least one Monitor who will looking after you for the week, so chances are you’ll have made at least on friend before you get to Bredenbury!

6)     Can you call home? Yes, when you arrive at the centre, the first thing you’ll do is unpack, make your bed and get settled. Once you’ve done all that, you can call home to say that you’ve arrived safely and have unpacked all your socks.

7)     What will we do on ATE? An excellent question!  The easy answer is; lots.  You will play some indoor games, some outdoor games, you will sing some pretty silly songs, you might make something to take home, you might go on an adventure or trip, you might have some codes to break, you might build something, you might have to catch a villain, you will definitely get to stay up until midnight, you will probably drink quite a lot of hot chocolate and you will definitely laugh a lot and make some new friends!

I hope that has told you everything you need to know, if you think of anything else, just let your mum know!  I hope you’re really excited; you’re going to have such a fun holiday!

Dilly x



Isn’t she just adorable?!!


So the countdown begins for both of us!  I’ll be taking Dexter up to London and a monitor will meet him at the train station and take a group of them up to Birmingham.


We are both as excited for each other – probably for very different reasons!




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