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Technology has significantly changed the way we do things in the 21st century. For instance, the games that are played nowadays are high-tech and more sophisticated than ever. Gone are the days when children and adults were satisfied with simply going out to play in the park or on the street. Heck, even board games have taken a backseat. This Christmas season, why not do away with technology for a change and engage in enjoyable games like Scrabble? Remember, it’s one of the best-selling board games of all time and it’s no coincidence that sales always skyrocket at this time of the year.



Playing Scrabble is a pastime embraced by countless people from all over the world. It is an enjoyable and mentally challenging game that can even bring health benefits if you play often enough. Studies show that those who regularly engage in Scrabble are smarter than those who don’t. This is the reason why teachers in the United States utilize it as a learning tool to help children with learning difficulties.



Researchers discovered that Scrabble players boost their word recognition skills in a significant way. They added that the attribute is very hard to comprehend and learning it is a challenging process that starts from childhood.


In addition to improving word recognition, Scrabble is also critical in improving the following skills:


  • Spelling and vocabulary


Since the whole game is based around spelling and vocabulary, players are bound to develop a firm grasp of a myriad of complicated words. This can be beneficial for children and teens whose mental development is accelerating at a very rapid rate.


  • Creativity


Another aspect of the mind that Scrabble stimulates is creativity. When playing, an individual needs to come up with a word from the letters he/she has, also challenging the opponent. As such, his/her creativity is tested in the process.


  • Math


Scrabble uses letters that have specific point values and the board that is used prompts a player to multiply a particular point value. This way, he/she utilizes a little bit of math when playing a particular word. Simply put, Scrabble is also ideal for individuals who want to sharpen their math skills without the fuss of using complex mathematics.


While some argue that these benefits or skills can also be obtained from playing video games, nothing beats conventional board games because the former somewhat encourage players, particularly children, to miss out on activities that are crucial for their social development.


Take note any time spent on video games could be better spent playing with friends and loved ones. Scrabble, provides a fun activity that encourages interaction and stimulates the mind. Plus if you don’t want to renounce technology altogether, Scrabble can also be played on tablets like Kindle for example.





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