For the past eighteen years, I haven’t ventured out on New Year’s Eve.  When you’re a parent, the whole ‘staying up until midnight’ thing isn’t a) always practical or b) something you even have the energy to do – more often than not, when the boys were young, I’d be asleep by 11pm and completely miss the New Year.



Fast forward a ‘few’ years and a fantastic opportunity for Dexter has arisen for him to spend New Year’s Eve away from home on a 5 day adventure holiday with ATE Superweeks.


This is where he’ll be staying – not bad eh!



Now don’t get me wrong, you all know how much I love that boy and I will miss him like crazy, but … he is going to love this!  And yes, I’ll get a few days to myself too which, as a lone parent, I very rarely get, but let me tell you a little about this company and you’ll see what a fantastic opportunity this is for him.


This is what ATE Superweeks are about:


“ATE seeks to contribute to children’s education by providing opportunities to learn about themselves and other people and to discover new things about the world around them. We provide children with a safe, supportive environment away from the pressure of ‘real life’ in which ATE cultivates child-focused holidays where days are play-packed and leave a child with memories that we believe are essential to a happy childhood. We achieve this by having a deep rooted, traceable history in education, and running intensive residential training courses for the volunteers who care for the children.”


To my mind, there is no greater gift than facilitating children learning about the world – to Dexter’s mind, there’s no greater gift than an Xbox One, but that’s another story.  If I can give a gift like this to Dexter then, as far as Mum duties goes, I think I’m doing alright.


When I asked if he’d like to go, he was positive from the get go … although I think the fact that he’s allowed to actually see the New Year in (with hot chocolate AND marshmallows) swung it for him.


I’ll report back more on what there is on offer for children and I’m sure Dexter will also have a whole host of questions I’ll also post.  I’m presuming they’ll be predominantly food and staying up late related though.


But how exciting!


You can check out their website or follow them on Twitter if you have any of your own questions but I will be doing another post with more information before he goes.  Not that I’m counting down the days or anything …







I have been offered a reduced rate for this holiday in exchange for this post.




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  1. Wooohooo lucky Dexter! He will have a fabulous time 😀

    And what will you be up to Missy? Or am I just far too innocent to know 😉

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