I’m in my fourth week of redundancy and I continue to work in ‘my’ café every morning – writing blog posts, looking for work, networking, eating scones … all highly essential stuff.  I’ve been writing here for approximately seven years, ever since I began my degree – and I’ve long since realised I work much more effectively here than at home.


Most of the people who are here during the day are old, and most of them are sweet – I’ve got to know a few and they do their thing (gossiping and drinking tea) … and I do mine.  However, there are times when the generation gap is palpable and some older people just don’t take kindly to a café being used for anything other than drinking tea in.


Take this one particular couple for instance.  I tweeted about them last week because I noticed them staring at me as I sat next to them and couldn’t quite work out what the problem was.  I then took my laptop out and the woman said to her husband, “Told you so.”


Now, I’m a peaceful woman … I come to the café to work and keep myself to myself  … BUT … I really (really) don’t like people staring at me – it’s just rude.  If you’re going to people watch, at least be discrete.  But not this couple.  It seemed that my presence (and that of my laptop) had really irritated them.


I looked at the man to see what his reply to “I told you so” would be … maybe I was being particularly and unnecessarily sensitive.  Yeah, I wasn’t.  He looked at me, then his wife, then nodded.


What the actual ….?


I was minding my own business!  Isn’t it just normal practice to find at least one person using a laptop in a café these days?  Even my Dad uses a computer – and he’s 72!  What’s the big deal?


It was a minor ‘to do’ .. and I honestly didn’t think any more of it.  I was only mildly irritated.


Until they came back today – and then did exactly the same thing!


Now, the problem is, I was brought up by my parents to respect my elders – I’m old fashioned like that, and I am a very respectful person in general … but when people are just plain rude, I find it really difficult to bite my tongue.


And yet I managed it today.  For the second time.  Reckon I’m mellowing with age.


After they had finished talking about me and staring, they walked out and they both actually stopped … just to stare at me a bit more.


Truly bizarre.


However, I have to admit to taking a small amount of pleasure from the fact that I obviously wind them up so much … I just wish I knew what the problem is!  I must just have one of ‘those’ faces!


I hate having to resort to staring competitions with OAPs … but they started it 🙂


What annoys me most is that I raise my boys to be polite, especially to the older generation, but sometimes I wonder why I bother when they don’t feel the need to reciprocate.


I have a second interview tomorrow that I’m very excited about … I really hope that I get back to work and out of this cafe soon!






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  1. Oooh I think you did the right thing but I’d be so tempted to know what they were actually thinking!! So rude!

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