Yesterday, I did A Brave Thing.  I can’t discuss The Brave Thing, but trust me, it was a big BIG deal.


After The Brave Thing, I was told by a lady I don’t know very well that I should be very proud of myself.  I laughed nervously and brushed the comment off like it didn’t mean anything, but it did, and it’s been playing on my mind ever since.


I. Should. Be. Proud. Of. Myself.


When you’re not used to giving yourself praise, how on earth can you “be proud of yourself?”  I can’t say I remember my parents ever saying they were proud of me growing up (although I’m sure they were) and I have always found it quite difficult to accept compliments from people.  However, this wasn’t just a ‘I like your dress’ type throwaway comment.  This really meant something to me.


It’s a shame I couldn’t explain that to the lady who said it at the time.  Maybe she’s used to people reacting exactly how I did … or maybe I just came across as rude and ungrateful.  Neither of which I am.


I’ve commented before that I’m one of life’s copers … a ‘survivor’ … so how do you go from just dealing with life to being proud of yourself for doing so?


I cope because, particularly as a lone parent, what is the alternative?

I cope because it’s what I’ve learnt to do from my mother.

I cope because who else is there to lean on?

I cope because … I don’t know how to do anything else.


But sometimes, as this lady pointed out to me yesterday, it’s equally as important to be proud of how I cope because it’s not always easy.  I often make it look easy, but it isn’t.


So I would like today’s blog post to be a gentle reminder to everyone that sometimes it’s a good idea to just take a moment … and instead of just carrying on coping, and shouldering everything that life throws at us, think about just how amazing we are.




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  1. AMAZING post. And SO true. I think as women we’re so self deprecating generally, it’s good to take stock and appreciate YOU now and then! It’s so British too – one of the good things that shocked me when I lived in LA was how readily the residents blow their own trumpets. But then maybe WE’RE the fools!? Congrats brave lady! You ROCK! x
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