I’m off out tonight – it’s Friday night after all, and we all deserve a good night out at the end of a hard week right?  So what will it be?  Watching Gravity at the cinema?  Cocktails at the Oxo Tower?  A delicious meal at Hakkasan??


No.  Not quite.


I’m going to watch WWE wrestling at the O2.


Quite frankly, I’d rather lick an umbrella after acid rain.  Good job I love the boy as much as I do.


It’s part of Dexter’s Christmas present and I’m going with my best friend and her son so I know we’ll have fun, no matter what, but I can’t say it’s my idea of a great night out.


But that’s the thing with being a lone parent … you’re Mum AND Dad.  You have to do everything, and I mean everything, including things that you might not really want to do.  You do them because you love your child and even though you’re the parent that has become a lone parent through no fault of your own, you want to make your kid happy.


It’s hard being everything to your child.  I feel this enormous sense of guilt, even though it’s a billion times better that his Dad isn’t around, that I can’t quite do it all.  I have to financially provide enough for two parents, give ALL the time, ALL the things, EVERTHING to this child … because he only has me.


But it WILL be fun tonight … because I’ll make it fun – that’s my job.  Plus, I fully intend to buy a foam finger and that’s hours of entertainment right there.





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