When I was 15, I played the flute.  I say ‘played’ … I just twatted about playing Greensleeves a bit, got bored, when clubbing, and that was my musical ‘career’ over.


Twenty eight years on and finally there is another musical instrument in the house.  Except it’s a trombone.  A very noisy, space-invading trombone.  I now know the pain my parents when through all those years ago.


Still, I’m glad Dexter is at least trying to play an instrument even if, like me, it doesn’t become a long term gig.  (Attempting) to play the flute taught me how to read music, gave me something other than boys to focus on and actually gave me an appreciation of just how difficult it is to play a musical instrument … and my diverse love of music continues.


So for any other parent going through this torture experience at the moment, I thought I’d share just what it’s like in the Sutton household right now:




Have to love that enthusiasm!







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  1. On the flip side, my mom was in your shoes when I was 10 (so was the family in the apartment below us). Now I support my family with it. Believe it or not, I performed on trombone in two different hip hop bands!

  2. We’ve had the violin last year which never sounds good, unless you are Vanessa Mae. The 9 year old now plays the piano which is much better. Unfortunately she also brought home a recorder this week, which is just annoying!

    But yes, I am glad she’s learning something new. Pass the ear defenders.

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