And so the job hunt continues and my panic over money (or rather a lack thereof) continues to rise.  I’ve been here before.  Unemployed.  Scared.  Not knowing where the next pay cheque will come from.


Unfortunately, I’ve never been in a position to ever have savings.  I mean like never – so I have never had anything to fall back on.  I don’t think it’s because ‘I’m just not good with money,’ moreover, it’s always been a case of forever trying to play catch up.


Well no more I say!  The time has come to start being a real grown-up and think about my financial future (providing I actually get a job that isminor point.)


The trouble is, I just wouldn’t know where to start.  I know I can discover ISA rates online and maybe start squirreling away a small amount in an ISA but I just don’t know how people manage that.  I barely have enough money at the end of the month to cover my bills, let alone contribute to any type of savings plan.  But I guess an ISA would be an option further down the line.  WAY further.


I could open a savings account at the Post Office and maybe put £10 a month away in that, but what happens when Dexter needs new football boots (again) or the car needs taxing (again)?  Where does the money for that come from?


I remember a time when I had a pension – I started it when I was 19!  How about that for being prepared!  But as time went on, the payments had to stop and I think by retirement age I may be able to claim £5 a week.


Just about enough to buy a Woman’s Weekly.


So can someone please tell me what their secret is?  Does anyone have savings anymore or is that a thing of the past?  Are we all just too busy trying to survive without having the luxury of thinking about and providing for the future?


It’s a sad state of affairs when our financial future is this scary, let alone that of our childrens’.  My eldest is now at uni and, even though Student Finance still haven’t sorted his money out (5 weeks down the line!) he’ll be paying back this investment in his future for years to come.  I just pray the investment will be worth it and he’ll be able to find employment a bit easier than I have.


I guess the only option I have is to keep on keeping on.  To plug away, to continue to work hard, and above all, to try and remain optimistic in the hope that this ‘situation’ will, one day, turn around.











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