Before I jet off on my travels later this week, I thought I’d give you a brief dating update.


As you will have obviously read last week (what do you mean, you don’t read all my posts?!!) I have been speaking to Beardy Man for about a month and we finally agreed to meet up last Friday.  As is often the case, he doesn’t live particularly near me, about an hour away, and so he decided he’d book a hotel room so that he could have a drink and travel back the next day.


I’m sure the idea of getting me into his hotel room didn’t cross his mind at all.  Much.


Friday was a particularly busy day for me.  Dexter had an after school club, then he was home for tea, then back up to school for Youth Club – my eldest was also home for the weekend so he needed to be chauffeured too.  My date, on the other hand, was obviously pretty excited about our upcoming date as he text me at 4pm to say he’d already arrived!


We weren’t meant to meet until 8pm that night so I told him to hold fire and just wait to hear from me.  These days, I find it hard to summon up much enthusiasm for a date and so I can’t say I was particularly excited.  In fact, if anything, I had a minor crisis of confidence whilst I was getting ready, which really isn’t like me.  I’d recently had my hair cut and coloured but this was the first time I’d be styling it myself and we all know how that normally goes – never as nice as when your hairdresser does it.  I hadn’t even thought about what to wear and so I text my best friend saying, uncharacteristically I hasten to add, that I thought he’ll think I’m a right minger.  Her helpful response?



Love that woman.


I gave myself a metaphorical bitch slap.  Thankfully, my motto is, when in doubt, get the leopard print out … and so I went for a leopard print skirt, low cut, long sleeved black V neck top from Zalando and nude coloured patent heels.  I felt instantly better.


I ordered a cab and arrived at the pub (not his hotel room!) on time.  He’d been texting to say how busy it was, how it was like a nightclub, when would I be there.  In fact, he texted A LOT.  He said there was no pressure (yeah right!) but I imagine he was a little nervous to meet me.  Can’t blame him.


I found him sat at a table in a corner and thankfully, he looked exactly like his photos.  (You’d be amazed by how many stories I’ve heard when this isn’t the case.)  He seemed a little shy but hey, I’m a nice kinda gal so I quickly made him feel comfortable.  And no, I didn’t sit on his lap.


I found him immediately attractive, although I was a little disappointed that he seemed a little …. slight of build.  He was about my height, which isn’t really an issue, but when my biceps are bigger than my dates, it’s not sexy.


Conversation flowed.  Dating stories were swapped.  Musical tastes were discussed.


Uh-oh …. Houston, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!


A first date is an opportunity to find out whether you’re going to get on with someone – it’s a snapshot into their life, their likes and dislikes, their mannerisms, their humour.  Finding out what music someone likes is a big barometer of what a person is like.  It’s like finding out what type of comedy they like – which for me, speaks volumes.  So the question of what music we liked quickly came round.


I answered that I liked deep house, Jill Scott, some jazz, bit of old skool hip-hop – an eclectic mix.


He liked …. Michael Bolton.


What the …?????


I stared at him, not sure if he was joking or not – hoping that he was.  “Ha ha!  Gotcha!  Yeah, course I like Michael Bolton … ha ha, are you kidding?!


Yeah, well he wasn’t kidding.


Not only did he ‘like’ Michael Bolton … he LOVED Michael Bolton.  To the point where he’ll go to watch him in concert because no other bugger will go with him.  Even his Mum won’t go.


I didn’t really know what to do with this information, so laughed it off and changed the subject quickly!


Now Beardy Man could drink!  He’d drunk 3 pints before I’d finished my first drink!  I offered to buy a round but he wouldn’t hear of it which, I have to admit, I actually found quite refreshing.  He explained that he’d asked me out so it was only right that he bought the drinks.  I only realised they were doubles by the fifth drink!  Method to his madness ….


We had a great laugh in the pub – probably one of the best first dates I’ve ever been on.  Life has been (and continues to be) really stressful and so I think I just let myself relax for the first time in ages.  It felt good.


Last orders had been called and I asked him if he wanted to come back to mine for a nightcap.  He did.  Funny that.  And so we called a cab to take us home.


A token coffee was made but I don’t think we drank it.  We chatted more.  We may have kissed a little bit.  Before we knew it, it was 2.30am and really time for him to go home.


(Btw, ordering a cab to take a man-friend back to a hotel from your place in the early hours is mortifying.)


He text me the next day to say that it was one of the best nights he’d had for a very long time.  I told him he needed to get out more … but he insisted he meant it.


It was fun.  He’s a lovely bloke.  Will there be a second date?


There was.  Last night!




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  1. Bloody Michael Bolton? Michael Effing Bolton?

    Maybe this is what has been missing from your life and your dates … the missing part of the puzzle … Michael Mullet Bolton.

    Second date post … and pronto!

  2. Hi Kate
    So glad to hear that the date went well – see what you would have missed if your crisis of confidence had got the better of you!! I don’t know about Michael Bolton, perhaps BM is just as old fashioned romantic! Looking forward to the next installment 🙂
    Best wishes
    Debs x

  3. If it makes you feel any better, Tom worships Air Supply and I’d rather blow my brains out than listen to that bullshit.

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