This time next week I’ll be packing my butt off as I’ve been invited on a cruise with Royal Caribbean!  I think that now officially makes me a Royal Mum – woohoo!


Sorry about the over-excitement but you could say this couldn’t have come at a better time (what with the whole ‘redundancy/losing my house’ thing.)  You could also say it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person 🙂


The last time I was on board a Royal Caribbean ship was earlier this year when they had a family day on board the Independence of the Seas. I took Dexter, my best friend and her son Charlie and even though I had to lay off the cocktails (was driving,) we had an awesome day (as you see by Dexter’s face when he’s on the Flow Rider) … but we didn’t actually sail anywhere.


This time, as Rod Stewart may have once mentioned, we are sailing … WE ARE SAILING …. to Rome and Barcelona to be specific, on Liberty of the Seas.


(Un)fortunately, I won’t be taking Dexter who, BELIEVE ME, is not best pleased.  We’ve had tears, but we’ve also managed to have a fairly mature chat about how this will be good for Mummy and, as you all know, “A happy mum = happy children!”  Well that’s what I keep telling him.  No doubt, I’ll buy the entire stock of sweets from the onboard shop because I’ll feel so guilty about leaving him behind.  I think that’s what he’s banking on.


Organising childcare is a nightmare at the best of times.  Organising childcare when you’re a single parent … is like a military operation.  Thankfully, I have a great family and best friend who have happily stepped in and, although the itinerary is a little complicated, I’ve finally got cover for Dexter for the four days I’ll be away.




I hope that I don’t bore you too much with cruise updates and photos of cocktails, but DO expect photos of pool parties.  LOTS of photos.  Champagne permitting (sorry!) I’ll be writing about what we all get up to – Royal Caribbean is a family friendly cruise line, but we won’t be taking the children so I think it may be a completely different experience!


If you want to follow my journey, please follow #RoyalMums on Twitter next week.

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