I know I’ve been quiet on the old dating front lately – I blame the medication, it’s totally messing with my mojo.  However, I DO have a date next Friday.


(Obviously pending either one of us changing our minds or one of us just being stood up. Again. Namely me.)


Following the demise of Lilt Man, I’ve totally gone off the boil (as it were.)  I wondered why I was even less bothered about dating than before when I realised the whole medication/libido (lack thereof) connection, and it all made sense.  I just wasn’t giving off ‘DATE ME’ vibes!


And there’s me thinking it was because I didn’t have it going on.  Please.  As if.


I finally gathered up enough energy to go back on the dating site to see what was about.  Sounds horrendously clinical, granted, but dating online really is just like doing your grocery shopping:  you know what you need but it’s always nice to see if there are any special offers that take your fancy.  BOGOF offers are always welcome.


I got talking to G – I don’t know what nickname to give him yet as I haven’t met him so we’ll just go with G for now.  Something suitably offensive will no doubt come to mind after next Friday.  G is 37, lives with a friend (I’m hoping that’s not code for ex girlfriend,) and, unfortunately, lives over near Gatwick – hardly ideal.


He’s sweet (so far,) works as a landscaper (good with his hands – bodes well,) and seems to really like me (they all do to start with.)


One thing is beginning to grate though.  Well, two things.  Firstly, his grasp of the English language is atrocious and, secondly, he ruddy loves using emoticons.


Let’s address the first issue.  I know I sound like a stuck up bitch when I say that poor use of grammar is a real turn-off … I do understand that … but it is! I can’t help it. I know I sound like Chandler from Friends who always finds fault in girlfriends, and I’m trying hard not to be too fussy – trust me, I know it’s not a sexy trait – but there it is.  Sue me.


The second issue:  using emoticons all the time ….  Has to be said, I can have hours of fun sending combinations of these to my BFF, but it’s funny when we do it.  When he sends a smiley face blowing a kiss after every sentence, it’s a little irritating.


On the whole, he seems nice enough.  He’s got a beard so he’s winning right there.


I LOVE BEARDS.  They make me want to rub my lazy eye all over them.


Hey, I never said I was perfect!


Keep you posted!





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