Some of you may remember that I took my son to University about a month ago.  I drove him down to Bournemouth from Kent with my youngest and  I think I’ve now finally recovered from the trauma enough to write about it!


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a mix of emotions as I experienced on that day.  I picked my eldest up from his Dad’s in the morning and we made the four hour journey together down to Dorset.


He was understandably upset about leaving home but I just felt I had to stay strong for him.  I know we all felt a mixture of excitement and sadness so I tried my best to keep the journey light hearted.


I was conscious of both my boys’ feelings – this was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do as a family, so I made sure we had plenty of laughs on the way down.


It was such a weird feeling. I was so, so proud of him, excited for him, maybe even a little jealous of him … but I was SO sad he was going.  I can’t quite explain it.  Every emotion rolled into one.


We found the uni, eventually got the key to his house, found the house, and unpacked his stuff.  I say ‘we’ … I supervised from the comfort of the car – I’d done Circuit Training the day before and couldn’t manage the stairs .. #oldlady.


He’s settled now and finally met his housemates after a week who, thankfully (at least for now) don’t seem like complete nutters – although I think my son may well lose his temper if they use his plates one more time and don’t wash up.  His student loan STILL hasn’t come through so I’m helping him financially as much as I can but the redundancy couldn’t have come at a worse time.


He’s been out (a lot.)  His Tweets crack me and his cousins up – he has a tendency to buy pizza for homeless men when he’s had a few beers – and I think I’ve actually spoken to him more now he’s away than I did when he was here!


He’s hoping to find a job and I hope he lands one real soon – he has a lot to offer (and I really can’t afford to support him much longer!)  But overall, he definitely made the right decision to go.


Every Sunday we Skype so that Dexter can still see him and it means they can swap stupid YouTube videos with each other – quite important stuff apparently.  It always leaves Dexter in tears but I remind him that his brother will be home for Christmas before he knows it.


We miss him, but couldn’t be prouder.


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  1. Aw what a gorgeous post-look at your beautiful boys. Such an amazing time for him. So sorry to read about your redunancy love. You will find something soon xx

  2. Stop trying to make me cry! Such a great post – as ever! Can’t imagine the emotions but I know one day (quite) a few years from now, I”ll be doing the same. And you’ll find me at home lying in Akira’s bed, sobbing into the smell of his clothes! Hugs sweet lady x

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