I won’t mention how many days it is until Christmas (76) but if you’re anything like me, winter is actually something to look forward to.  Granted, pre-redundancy, I had actually contemplated flying abroad for Christmas, which defeats the point of enjoying a cold Christmas at home, but regardless, I just love wrapping up warm and sitting inside whilst watching the snow or rain fall outside.


I might actually be homeless by then, but that’s another story.  (Blog post to follow, obviously.)


I thought about what my essentials are to enable me to survive winter, and came up with the following list – my winter survival guide – see if you agree:


Hot Chocolate


I can’t emphasise enough how important Hot Chocolate is. I’ve even upper cased it. I never ever drink the stuff in any other season and yet when the nights draw in and it’s officially winter, I drink nothing else.  Baileys doesn’t count.  I couldn’t possibly drink it without marshmallows and cream, obviously, which goes some way to explaining why I’m a size 18 – but hey, that extra flesh sure keeps me warm!




I don’t quite know why, but I always end up buying a new pair of boots each year.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the ones I bought last year, and yet every year I’m drawn to buy a new pair. I have long boots in brown and black.  Ankle boots in brown and black.  Boots with heels.  Boots without heels.  You name it, I have every possible boot permeation there is.  It’s the antithesis to what I’m like in summer – wherein I wear every possible version of flip-flop there is.  Seems there’s no middle ground for me.




I’d like to pretend that I don’t sit in on a Saturday night and watch Strictly and X Factor but I’d be lying. I do. It’s a nice time for Dexter and I to chill together without Phineas & Ferb or WWE playing in the background giving me yet another migraine.  Granted, I’m single so I don’t exactly have hundreds of invitations to go out but that’s not the point … finding out who got kicked off Strictly via Twitter just isn’t the same as watching it live. There.  I said it.  Downton Abbey, Gogglebox, Dr Who and, not forgetting, GBBO.  Bliss.


Comfort Food


Ah, comfort food.  There’s nothing nicer than eating comfort food on a cold winter’s day:


Home made rice pudding

Toasted cheese and peanut butter sandwich

Chilli & rice

Treacle sponge

Bread & Butter pudding

Pancakes – any kind

Tomato soup


I would probably only eat pancakes at any other time of the year but in winter, sometimes nothing else will do than a big bowl of mashed potato.


Of course, there’s nothing quite like a cuddle with a hot man to keep you warm in winter (or any other time of the year for that matter,) but if that’s not on offer … try all of the above – guaranteed to see you through to Spring!




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