I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being back at the gym.  I’ve gone headfirst into working hard and have surprised myself at how quickly I’ve improved.  By my standards anyway.


However, I am writing this blog post from my sick bed today – propped up with numerous pillows, too scared to move as it seems we have had a minor setback.


I was at work yesterday, weirdly looking forward to getting my sweat on at the gym.  Lunchtime came around I began to get my gym kit together and fill my water bottle up.  As I walked over to my desk however, my back suddenly went into a weird spasm and locked up.  Oh my God … I was in agony.  I couldn’t move!  Couldn’t sit down, couldn’t stand up right … I was too petrified to move.


It felt like I’d trapped a nerve rather than pulled a muscle and I thought that if I didn’t move it would ease up and I’d be OK.  Unfortunately, it just got worse.  Bearing in mind I don’t ‘do’ crying, especially at work, I was mortified that I had burst into tears in front of all of my colleagues.


That was when they realised quite how much in pain I was in.  My friend Lynsey was trying hard to massage the knot out of my back but by now it was just making things worse.  Elizabeth had fetched me some tissues for my snotty face and Chloe said she was going to see if the gym round the corner had some Deep Heat we could borrow.


However, she came back with Craig, one of the trainers (and owners) of the new gym I had joined, C5.


He was armed!  A can of spray (of what, I’m still not sure,) a heat patch, and a pair of very capable hands!


I was a mess by now, but Craig patiently rubbed my back as I was bent over my desk.  If I hadn’t have been in so much pain, it would have been really funny!  After ten minutes of firm rubbing(!) the pain began to ease slightly to the point where I could finally sit down.  It was like a scene from a Carry On film – Hattie Jacques to Craig’s Sid James!  (Oooh Matron.)


He said spasms like this normally occur when you are run down and stressed – which is an understatement of how I feel right now.


He sprayed my back and applied the heat patch and told me to keep him posted on how I was feeling.  He was my saviour – I don’t know what I’d have done had this happened and I’d been anywhere else.  I’m just glad we didn’t have any clients come into the office at that precise moment!


So today I’ve had to take the day off sick.  I rarely do that and so you know that if I’m off sick, I must be feeling pretty rubbish, but, as guilty as I feel, I have to look after myself.


Dexter is banned from practising his WWE moves on me and I’m walking like a robot but hopefully the pain will subside over the next few days.  It hasn’t put me off going to the gym but maybe I’ll take it a little easier.


Fundamentally, I don’t mind getting older – it’s my birthday this weekend so I’ll be yet another year older, but when your body starts to betray you and break down, it’s not much fun.  I need to get stronger as I have a rough few months coming up and at the end of the day, you can only rely on yourself to get through those times.


Gotta (wo)man up and carry on.

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  1. Sadly hun I know that we would all like to be able to do ‘what we used to do’, but as mums we have to be really careful – our bodies have taken a bit of a beating with the extra stress levels of juggling everything.
    When you go back to exercising, maybe take it a bit easier, and focus on more flexibility or core exercises for a bit – get those muscles healthier and that core stronger first so that you have a good foundation upon which to work.
    Go for healthy before fitness (i.e. moving before running), and fitness before worrying about weight etc.
    Big hugs hun, back pain is the worst :o(
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