I had a meeting with one of the younger members of staff at work last week. We were talking about the potential marketing of an upmarket gym, and he mentioned the demographic was ‘elderly’ women. He then went on to expand … and I quote …   “You know, 40 plus. Like you.”


After I finally let him out of the stationery cupboard, I Googled the average life expectancy of a woman.


It turns out that I am more than half way through my life (all being well!) as women are expected, on average, to live until they are 80 years old.


At the time, the thought was a little depressing – after all, what have I achieved in my life? Probably less than I had hoped, but somehow, I have managed to produce and raise two amazing boys. On the other hand I am about to move back in with my dad. Swings and roundabouts.


Thankfully, I watched a programme on Channel 4 last night, ‘Fabulous Fashionistas,’ that was a revelation – and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


For those of you that didn’t have the opportunity to watch it, I urge you to put up with the moronic adverts on 4OD and catch up. This programme profiled six amazing women whose average age was 80 and they were totally and utterly inspiring.  Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington are challenging how we age – their motto is to keep going, to look fabulous and to have fun.


These women are redefining old age – in style. They don’t feel like ‘an old person’ and prove that mind over matter is so important.


Another thing struck me personally about all of these women – another thing they all had in common I suppose – they didn’t let not having a partner affect how they lived their lives. As one of the ladies put it, who I should add is 91, “As long as you find life interesting, then there is still reason to go on.”


I’m paraphrasing somewhat, but it really struck a chord. I want to find love again but I think, for the first time in a very, very long time, I am actually happy being on my own. I know I moan about dating, but it doesn’t really upset me that I’m single – it’s just stupid behaviour that upsets me.


I am at a crossroads in my life and I’m not sure what direction to go in, but I fundamentally believe great things are ahead and it’s that type of thinking that will ensure that, however long I have left to live, the rest of my life will be awesome.


In its own, unique way.





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  1. glad you enjoyed the show as much as I did! I blogged about it too but from the angle of what do they have for lunch? Just a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a physio who is targeting old and middle-aged women. So I then asked what kind of age do you mean, to which she replied over 40’s… I was quite shocked that she considered me to be old as I am in my forties too x
    Caroline Job (@lunchboxworld) recently posted..So What Does a FAB Fashionista Have For Lunch?My Profile

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