When your day starts out by having root canal treatment on one of your teeth, one can assume that the day could only get better right?




I then found out that my favourite kebab shop had burnt down.


Bad times indeed.


These things tend to come in threes but after a long day at work and an evening spent with Dexter, I had completely forgotten about that … until 8:30pm last night.


I had just got out of a lovely relaxing bath, relieved that I wasn’t in pain following my dental treatment, when I heard someone knock at the door. Now if you’re anything like me I never answer the door to anybody after 8pm, especially considering Dexter and I live on our own.


I actually thought it was the Avon lady coming back for her damn book I never read, so I put Dexter in the bath and began to brush my hair.


Then someone knocked at the front door again.  And again. By now I was getting really worried. All of the lights downstairs were already off so it didn’t look like we were in, so I peaked through my bedroom curtains to see who it was.


An older man, probably in his late 50’s, was walking up and down outside my house, trying to look into my windows to see if I was there. I didn’t know who this man was.


My heart was racing and I was inadvertently scaring Dexter because I was asking him to be quiet. I then saw this strange man go next door and knock on their door, presumably to ask them if they knew where I was.


By now I was petrified. He had come back to knock another three times on my door and it was now nearly 9pm.


Dexter was now in my bed crying … and I was furious.


I watched as this man wrote on a piece of paper, leaning up against his car, and I figured out who he was – a debt collector. Sure enough, I heard him post the card through the letterbox – so I ran downstairs to get it, then I ran back to Dexter.


Yes, I do owe this particular company a small amount of money, and I daresay I’m not alone in being in debt … but I am in an arrangement with them already whereby I pay a certain amount back per month by direct debit – this arrangement has been in place for months.  I get statements every month to prove it and had no reason to think there was a problem.


I was relieved that I now knew who this strange man was lurking outside my house, but it just made me even angrier.


How dare he?! What kind of company (or person) would behave that way and scare the living daylights out of people like that?!  It was dark outside, Dexter and I were on our own, and this man wouldn’t go away – who gave him the right to harass us in our own home?!


I rang the number on the card immediately and explained to the woman on the phone what had happened.  She confirmed that there was no problem with my account but because it wasn’t a formal arrangement the debt collector had somehow been informed that I was in arrears, hence this visit.


I went on to explain to this woman in detail how scared and upset Dexter was and she could, in fact, hear him crying in the background so she kindly gave me some time to soothe him.


She came back on the phone and apologised profusely for what had happened and said that she would give feedback to the company concerned.


Well that’s alright then. As long as they get ‘feedback’ … because I now had to try and put my son to bed, who was still petrified of the man outside. Quite how ‘feedback’ was going to help me do that, I’m not sure.


She meant well … and I think when I went into a little more detail about why we we were so scared, she got the message and couldn’t have been more apologetic. However, I then spent the night turning this evening’s events over in my head, worrying about something that I shouldn’t have to worry about, all because the company deemed it necessary to knock on a person’s door late at night to collect money they thought was owed to them.


So … the moral of the story is, shitty things really do come in threes.


You’re welcome.


On a brighter note, I managed to fit into a dress this morning that was previously too tight, so let’s hope today is a better day!




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  1. If this should ever happen again (Which I doubt) just call the police straight away. Tell them a strange man is knocking on your door, you are on your own with a child and you are scared. Hopefully they will be able to respond straight away.
    I would also put a note on the door saying that you do not answer the door to unexpected callers at any time.
    Big hugs to you, and well done on getting into the dress!

    1. I thought about doing that but figured by the time the police came, this guy would have gone. Like your idea about the note on the door though. Mind you, I’m about to move so it won’t be an issue again!

  2. That really is shitty, like ultra shitty! You’re in a position where you’re paying them back so they had no need at all to come to your personal space and make you feel like that and especially D. Am horrified for you, especially when I imagine this feedback will probably just get laughed off. I know these debt collectors have developed hearts of stone with this job of theirs.

  3. Yuck, I’ve had this too in the dark at night when alone with the kids. After us ignoring the front door the cheeky B###### went through our side gate into the back garden and knocked at back door. Again, it is a debt being paid and we had no letter of warning about the visit. Horrible, isn’t it? xxx

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