So, there I was, dashing out of work yesterday to dash to holiday club to pick Dexter up … (life is one big dash,) and as I passed the gym that’s on-site where I work, I suddenly heard a man shouting my name.  It’s been years since this was a regular occurrence (who am I kidding – it’s never happened,) and when I turned around I saw one of the trainers running after me.


After complimenting me on my red hair matching my red trousers, I couldn’t work out if he was trying to chat me up, if he wanted my business or … he just really likes the colour red.


Flattery out of the way, he went on to ask if I’d like 2 free personal training sessions.




I didn’t quite know what to do with this information and was (for once) slightly lost for words.  Was he just being generous? Or was it just a marketing ploy so I’d get my colleagues signed up? Or, worst of all, did he see me as the token ‘fat girl on the block’ and feel sorry for me?


I had been meaning to join his gym anyway but life is being a particular arse at the moment and so I hadn’t. I managed to come up with lots of excuses, some of which are very, very valid, but the bottom line is I know I need to start exercising again. Maybe this offer, whatever his reason, was a sign that I should just quit whining and get on with it.


So I did.  I psyched myself up to go and visit him at lunchtime and have arranged to have my first session next Tuesday.


Those of you that have gotten to know me through me blog (or IRL) you’ll know that I’m a confident woman. I’ve always been that way, no matter what my size.  However, as my 43rd birthday looms, I’m aware that I really need to consider the health benefits of exercising much more than I ever used to and so I’m hoping that this is the jump start I needed.


A jump start to what, I don’t know, but in for a penny and, you never know, I might end up losing a few pounds.


Watch this space.



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