So where were we? My online dating adventures continue and unfortunately, Date Number Two, ‘The Hippy That Believed In Aliens,’ went AWOL after our last date.  I say ‘unfortunately’ …  but it was definitely a mutual AWOLing as neither of us got back in touch with each other.  We both realised that it wasn’t going to work … what with me not believing in aliens ‘n that.


In the meantime, Date Number Three (new guy) had got in touch with me and we arranged to meet up.  It was one of those times when it proved absolutely impossible to get a babysitter but, because we had spoken on the phone and messaged each other for probably a week, I felt that I was a good enough judge of character (weird exes aside) to feel happy with him coming round my house. I mean coming to my house. As in visiting. Oh you know what I mean.


So, this particular date lives in Essex but was happy to drive over. Not only was he bang on time but he also brought me a little present.


A chilled bottle of Sauvignon?

A box of fine Belgian chocolates?

One red rose?


Close. A packet of biscuits.


A debate positively raged on Facebook about what type of biscuits they were and not one person guessed correctly. (Answer at bottom of blog post.)


Tt wasn’t the most conventional gift … but it was a gift nonetheless – and a big fat gold star went in Biscuit Man’s book.


Biscuit man is tall. Very tall. We had a lot in common – both single parents (and it was very obvious from our conversations that his children are a big part of his life.)  We both have a big interest in online marketing (no you shut up, it’s interesting,) oh and we both obviously love biscuits.


He was smart, interesting and bald – a positively delightful combination.


We had a lovely evening getting to know each other and then came the moment … ‘THE FIRST KISS.’


Now, bearing in mind I know that this guy is aware of my blog and could quite possibly be reading this (oh hai C!) I shall be a lady (for once) and cut this particular blog post short.


We saw each other again and, although contact is now somewhat sporadic, I just think that we will be friends that may see in each other occasionally in the future. I honestly don’t get the impression he wants anything more.  So that’s cool.


In the meantime, I had Date 4 with Old Flame last weekend and I honestly thought we’d turned a corner.


Seems it was just a bit of a U turn.


As always, more to follow.




(Chocolate Macaroons.  I know!)



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  1. Oh you are so brave. I just can’t be arsed with it all and going out with people who have no spark. I think I am resigned to being ever single

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