You will have seen that I’m an cruise veteran now.  After all, I’ve been on TWO actual cruise ships and I even got to speak to a Captain once.  Which qualifies me as an expert.


Whilst my friend and I were on the Independence of the Seas a couple of weeks ago (how about that for name dropping?!) the Cruise Director made his way to our table and proceeded to tell us how fabulous cruising is.  We didn’t really need the sell, we were kinda hooked already, but what he did point out was something that we hadn’t really thought of.


And it’s this …


The kids are looked after for the entire holiday.


I’ll let that sink in a bit …. *makes a brew*


As in, there is always someone on board that is looking after the children so they’re safe, occupied and cared for.  Yes, I’m his Mum and that’s my job, but even Mums need a break sometimes!  #Mojitos


I can’t (unfortunately) speak for all cruise ships but I know some that have whole DECKS dedicated to children.  Can you imagine the peace and quiet you’d get?!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the bones of Dexter (and the eldest of course,) but the idea of getting some good quality R&R in is almost too much to bear.  I can almost taste it!  And you know what?  I don’t even feel guilty!  For a start, we’d be on a cruise and secondly, my idea of holiday hell is when kids are whining they’re bored.  That would never happen on a cruise!



I’m going to get my research on and check out sites like Cruise 1st to see if it’s something I can afford – post house-sale no doubt, but I reckon I’m onto something here.  My friend and I could hook up with the kids for dinner, maybe watch a show together, but if my 9 year old is anything to go by, he’s not really going to want to spend too much time with me.  He’d much rather swim, climb walls, play in the arcades, eat Ben & Jerrys – and there’s only one of those things I really like doing!


So hopefully a cruise will be within my budget.  You know, just the Caribbean, nothing fancy.  And if not … I’ll just tie a little dinghy to the back of the ship and sail along for the ride.  I’m sure Dexter won’t mind rowing.




This is a collaborated post for which I was paid.



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