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I came home from work on Wednesday to find that a for sale sign had been put up outside my house. I should point out I had arranged it and it wasn’t a surprise.  But bearing in mind that I have lived in this house for 22 years, it just looks out of place.  I am sure I will get used to it.



In fact, I had already seen a house to rent in a village thirty minutes away from where I live now that I liked the look of, so I thought there would be no harm in contacting the letting agent to find out more details.



The following story will perhaps surprise some of you.  It certainly surprised me. And when I say ‘surprised’ .. I do, of course, mean cocked off.



I first contacted the agent via a contact form on their website asking for more details to be sent to me.  Twenty four hours later and I still hadn’t heard anything so I emailed them direct. Now bearing in mind how important every sale should be, particularly these days, you would have thought they would have contacted me immediately.  Yeah they didn’t.  But wotevs.



Someone finally deigned to get back to me and said the following:



“There are strict restrictions on these properties, no children or pets or sharers.  No DSS. “


Now I’m a rental virgin … as it were … and thought perhaps I had misunderstood.   No Pets.  No DSS.  No kids?  Really??



I asked for clarification and the letting agents informed me that it was the choice of the landlord and basically I should just suck it up.



After ranting on Facebook and getting some advice from friends, I went back to the agents and explained that I really was very nice.  (I am.)  That I was a professional woman that had a full-time job and my son was way past the stages of drawing on walls in biro. I suggested that maybe I could meet with the landlord, perhaps bringing Dexter as well, so that he could see we were perfectly normal.



I didn’t get a reply from the agents for two hours.  And then I received this:



“I am sorry.  There is no flexibility on this property.  The landlord owns all the properties in the block and cannot change the rules for one.”



The empathy is palpable, no?



The tone of the email was particularly irksome. However, what particularly irritates was the fact that, pets and DSS aside, (that’s a whole other post,) I was being discriminated against because I was a parent.



I call bullshit. Quite frankly, if this is the attitude of this particular landlord I wouldn’t want to live in his stupid house anyway.  (#mature)



I asked once more if perhaps it would be a good idea to at least put my suggestion forward to the landlord.



Three hours later, I received THIS:



“Unfortunately, the property has been taken this afternoon by a single gentleman.”



So that was that.



I wanted to cut my right arm off just so I’d have something to throw at the lot of them.  If this is what renting is going to be like, I may well just stay with my Dad forever.


But don’t tell him.  He only thinks it’s for a month.







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