You may have heard about my Passport Office Hell this week (#POH) because, quite frankly, I’ve moaned about it enough.  I’ve also put my house on the market.  Throw in ‘issues’ with the ex and a highly stressful client pitch … well, suffice to say, I need a holiday.


As stressful as the week has been, sometimes you have to make tough decisions and just pray that it’ll all work out.  However, when you’re making those decisions for someone else too, especially when it’s a sweet 9 year old boy, the pressure is on.


I have to sell the house.  I’ve been here 22 years but, as life tends to be, it’s all rather complicated.  But one thing did strike me after I’d made the decision.  All being well, I wonder if this would now mean that I’d be able to take my boys on holiday?


Camp Bestival aside, I haven’t been able to take Dexter on holiday for six years.  (The pic above is my Camp Bestival hair!)  I doubt the eldest would want to be seen out in public with his Mum, but I know Dexter would love to go away with me.  He still thinks I’m kinda cool.


We even have passports now!  The world is our lobster!  But maybe, for the time being at least, summer breaks in the UK are the answer to some time out.


But as I sit here at work, taking my lunch at my desk AGAIN … I can see the sun is shining, and there really is no better place to be than the UK.


Having said that, if someone was to offer me a trip to Dubai, I wouldn’t say no, although a friend of a friend is out there right now and it’s 47 degrees.  Don’t think my delicate skin could cope 🙂  But I’m pretty determined to get away this year.  Can’t say it’d be a particularly active holiday mind you, but I tell you what IS important.  Somewhere where Dexter can be entertained!  The thought of him being worn out whilst I sit by a pool sunbathing … BLISS.  Will it happen?  For those that know me … I can be a determined old bugger so I’m hopeful.


But the day job makes it difficult. I know I should get out and about on July breaks this year and hopefully, the house sale will go through quickly and without a hitch, but then I’ve only ever moved once so I’ve forgotten how stressful it will all probably be.  So even though I might end up living back at home, at least I can go on holiday!


All suggestions welcome.





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