Blogging.  It’s a funny old game.  You plod along, blogging week after week, some days finding it easy to write … others, not so much.  But I write because it’s now a part of who I am.


Last night, however, I had a bit of a wobble.  And we’re not talking my boobs for once.


The rankings came out for Tots100 and there was the usual flurry of ‘didn’t you do well’ and ‘ooh look how high I am this month’ and it’s fantastic for those bloggers (she says bitterly.)  High fives all round.  And usually it doesn’t bother me.  And, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t actually ‘bother’ me, because I’ve never been one for worrying about where I place, or whether my Klout is higher than my Kred, or whether Dave’s blog is doing better than mine.  (Not sure who Dave is, but my blog is better than his.)


But it did get me to question something.  So, like with every other question I need an answer to, I asked Twitter:


“Does anyone actually read my blog?  Serious Q.”


I felt like a twat as soon as I posted it, suddenly panicking that people would think it was a really sycophantic thing to do … that I was just looking for 100 (although, quite frankly, I’d have been pleased with two,) bloggers to stand on their chairs and shout, “Yes Kate!  Don’t worry!  WE read your blog.  You are a Goddess of all things redheaded and bloggery!”


They didn’t, obvz, but a fair few lovely people did pause Question Time long enough to reply that yes, they do read the blog and some even left comments which, for 11pm on a Thursday night, is a big ask in my book.


You see, I’ve always thought that I blog ‘for me.’  And I do, for the most part.  I don’t analyse what keywords people have used to find my blog and tailor posts accordingly.  I don’t crowdsource for topics, or pick stories from the news just so a post will be popular.  I write about what’s going on in my life.  That’s about it really.  It’s just that it tends to cover lots of different, random things.  Whether it’s dating, travelling, parenting, karaoke’ing (it’s a word,) or, like tonight, having an existential crisis and rambling on like James Joyce.  (Trust me, studied him at Uni – man’s a mentalist.)


But actually, as much as I write for me, I also want to be read.  If I didn’t, I’d write a personal diary and lock it away.   I want to know that at least someone, somewhere, has read something I’ve written and enjoyed it.  Hell, I don’t care if they disagree with what I’ve said or done, or even if they think it’s a big bag o shite, just as long as they have an opinion about my writing.


I write how I speak.  My thoughts tumble from head, through my arms and out through my fingers onto the keyboard, so whatever I write is heartfelt.  It’s how I feel.  Who I am.  Even if it is a dissection of yet another dire date.


It’s honest.  That’s what my blog is.  100% honest.


I write because I want to share my story, as banal as it often is.  I want to tell people that I’m as important as the next person.  That I matter I suppose … in my own little way.  That even though I may get stressed, or think my life is somewhat boring, or I can’t date for shit … people are still interested.


Fundamentally, we all have stories that we want to tell – bloggers just have a forum to do that.  But it takes a lot of courage to do what we do and I think that’s something I hope people appreciate.


Now if this post doesn’t get me to Number 1, I’m never blogging again.





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  1. I’ve crashed over 150 places on Tots in the last two months, and I know that people are reading so I’m not that bothered to be honest. (Ok, I am a little)

    The one cliche I do hate on bbloggers and fbloggers and pssizebloggers and lbloggers… Oh you get the idea, stick more than three bloggers in one place and one will invariably trot out the line “Blog for yourself”

    Sorry, that’s bollocks, if you were blogging for yourself you would keep a diary, of course we blog for people to read it. We want the comments, the retweets, the hits, that’s what blogging is all about.

    So don’t worry about other people, blog for you……

    Oh fuck it, panic, switch off the Internetz and suchlike,

    But never worry we aren’t reading, because we are.
    Big fashionista recently posted..Nom or VomMy Profile

    1. I could not agree more and I regularly trot that phrase out; everyone who presses publish on a blog post and puts it on the Interweb wants to be read. If not, they’d have password protection on it or just keep a diary. The only thing I wish is that people would actually give a bit more of a crap about the standard of written English that they churn out before pressing the big button! I’m being a grammar snob, but I’m also correct 😉

      I try and read every post, I love your writing Kate. And not only because you know how to use an apostrophe…

  2. ROFL. I think that the competitive side of us likes to know we are better than others and that’s why we all love the TOTS BUT we forget that we didn’t start blogging to be top of the TOTS but to get our thoughts out. And you’ve made it now, having a crisis of the blogging kind means you’re a top blogger don’t you know.
    PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings recently posted..Dinner Plans (W/C 11/5)My Profile

  3. I read your blog! I like your dating stories best. I am about 13,694th in the Tots but know my blog is AWESOME so I figure there must just be some glitch in the system 🙂

      1. I read your blog! You are in my reader! 🙂

        I do worry about who I blog for sometimes. I want to blog daily about everyday life, but don’t have time. Then I get a back load of review and sponsored posts and find I’m trying to get these done in order to blog my own stuff.

        My Partner thinks I spend too long online, but I need to to blog!

        I didn’t worry about the Tots 100 score until this month. Last month I noticed that I was just outside the top 500. Wow. Amazing. So this month there may have been a chance that I could have actually been in in the Top 500 and got a new shiny badge, right?

        No, I have tumbled back down again. Sigh.

        I also wonder who is actually reading my blog. I have high (for little me) page views but a low number of followers, so maybe apart from my aunt and sisters, I just get all the randoms who click “Next” on Blogger.

        But, then I go to an event, mention my Blog name and someone will mention one of my posts, but I had no idea anyone had actually read it.


        Keep blogging or you and we will keep reading! 🙂
        Claire recently posted..Mark Warner Active Family Challenge: Week 1: Spin!My Profile

        1. That’s good to know! I used Tots as an example, as there are plenty of other ways to measure how good (or poor) a blog is … the trick is not being bogged down by it all. Think the trick it to try and encourage a conversation.

  4. You have said what I think a lot of other people feel.

    As a fairly new blogger I do like to see my rank etc go u, you know a nice little ego boost, but I know it isn’t the be all and end all. I primarily started my blog as more of an online diary, just a place to jot down things and if people want to read then all the better.
    I like reading other peoples blogs because a) I like to read and b) I love getting ideas for things from other people. and c) it is nice to chat to the people behind the blogs.

    Keep telling those stories 🙂
    chantelle hazelden recently posted..Ruby and Ginger The Original Nappy Purse ReviewMy Profile

  5. I read your blog. It is saved in my favourites and just pop along every now and then to see what you have to say. You make me laugh. I don’t comment because I don’t have anything interesting to say but I love your blog!

  6. I read some of your posts, really because I am trying to follow at least some of what those who came to any of the local Bloggle/Blogger Forum events are doing.

    I have absolutely no point of contact with a lot of it, so am only an occasional visitor, but at least I feel it is worth the effort in what can be a (perhaps surprisingly) busy schedule for me. No doubt there are others with similar – though not identical – approaches.

  7. I read your blog! The tots 100 is just one (very subjective) method of ranking blogs. Its far more meaningful to have 10 loyal followers than hundreds of daily readers who are simply passing through.

  8. I have no clue what tots 100 is… none. Clueless!

    However, as you well know, I do read your blog, avidly. I love your writing style and I love the fact that at times it’s a very personal blog. Same reasons that I read Kellies blog. I enjoy reading well written, entertaining, possibly slightly,ever so slightly, sarcastic posts. Posts from the heart. You tick all those boxes!

    I do have 2 blogs, on which I never blog… cos I forget too. This is probably why I am so clueless about “rankings” and stuffs *nods*

  9. I think the “blog for yourself” quote is overused but also used incorrectly. You should just blog because you want to and not because everyone else is doing so. And yes – of course we put it out there to be read. Only a fool says they don’t.

  10. I read your blog! I love it! You can spell, you pause for breath between sentences. You don’t ramble (much) about something completely off topic to your original post. You can write and you’re funny.

    I give up with Tots and blah blah. I could get controversial, but I won’t (save that for the ship!) but a lot of the blogs that are way way down the list are the ones that I read the most. Rankings, for most of us readers, don’t actually mean anything. Of course I’d love to shoot up 765 places but it’s never going to happen. As long as a few people read and like what I write then I’m happy.

    So there. 🙂

  11. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I do enjoy reading what you have to say! I think everyone goes through a ‘crap-is-anyone-reading-my-blog?’ crisis every now and then. But you shouldn’t worry, looks like you have tonnes of fans!

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