So that was the Bank Holiday.  Done and dusted for another few months.  Short but perfectly sweet.


Dexter and I mostly chilled, interspersed with a trip to the cinema, cutting the grass, a couple of Nana naps and lunch with my best friend.


And the funny thing is, it was perfect.  Gone are the days of Tenerife holidays (for now at least,) and weekends in London.  Nowadays, I’m just catching up on sleep and time with my boys.  Life has become about the simple things in life and that’s just fine by me.


However, I do still dream.  I dream of the day that I CAN travel.  The day I don’t have to drive around in a car with a window bound together with duct tape.  The day I don’t have to worry about debts left to me as a parting gift by my ex.


These simple dreams spur me on to be as successful as I possibly can be.  I work a full day in my day job, which I LOVE, come home and begin work again – being Mum, blogger, writer … and occasional dater (when I have the energy.)  I guess these days, I’m re-examining just what successful actually means.


Is it being rich?  Chances of that happening are very slim, but I’d be happy with just being debt-free.


Is it being in love?  Again, that’s not exactly going great, but it’s nice to date and meet new people, regardless of the outcome.  And besides, if I didn’t blog about dating, I doubt anyone would visit the blog!


Is it being able to travel?  If Dexter and I can manage to make a weekend in Dover fun, then we can make anywhere fun!


Is it doing well at work?  I’m lucky that I really enjoy my job and I seem to be doing well at it.  Having been unemployed before, I appreciate the fact I even have a job!


Is it being slim?  If it is, then basically I’m f*cked.  I don’t think I’ve ever been slim, but I’m at the age where I’m comfortable in my own skin and that’s a nice place to be.  I need to be fitter, and that’s something I’m addressing, but I don’t spend hours hankering after a flat stomach.  It ain’t ever gonna happen!  So I make the most of what I’ve got – and I’ve got a lot!


Is it having a family?  I don’t have a ‘typical’ family – no partner, my eldest lives with his Dad and visits every week, and my Mum isn’t around anymore.  But it’s MY family. I’m loved and I love.


So I guess all of the above is what I class as being successful.  It’s not such a bad life.


What is YOUR idea of success?






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  1. You are so right! It is the simple pleasures in life and the love, which money really can’t buy…they are what count. The only one I would add to that is health.
    To feed your travel bug a bit you should really try the 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 with Dexter. I think you’d both have a ball. It doesn’t take you far, but gets you out and enjoying those simple pleasures.
    Enjoy Lovely Lady!!! 🙂
    Monika recently posted..HELP!!! My 11 week grueling challenge #SlimmingforSkydiveMy Profile

  2. I agree with a lot of what you have said. I’m grateful my parents encouraged me to be bold and embrace opportunities with both arms when I was younger as I’d probably be a bitter, boring old hag if I was living the life I am now without having done what I have done.

    My idea of success is not wanting to change anything significant about my life. Of course I’d like more money and the freedom from work and worry it brings, but not having it doesn’t stop me from waking up every day grateful for what I have, and going to sleep at night knowing I’ve lived a good day.

  3. Success to me is being happy and content. I have sod all money, never go anywhere, BUT I have a loving family so I’m happy 🙂

  4. Coming up ten years ago I was about to reach the pinnacle of my career, being offered a deputy headship at the age of 27. I turned it down to move back home and start a family. It took a few years to get there, but I’ve got my boy now but am working part-time in an unfulfilling teaching job. Was I more successful then or now? Now, I’d say. I’ve got my lovely husband of eleven years and gorgeous son; I’ve succeeded.

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