This week’s theme for Tara’s The Gallery is self portrait.


I’ve never been shy about posting photos (no, not ‘those’ photos,) but that doesn’t mean I don’t have insecurities like everyone else … I just manage them well.  I’m 42 … it is what it is.  No point pretending I’m younger and actually, I quite like where I am in my life right now.


OK, I’m single, but I don’t see that as a negative thing.  I have a great job, lovely family, and my boys are doing really well.  Yeah, I have a few wrinkles and my left eye is weirdly a little droopy, but it’s character building!


I love my hair.  I love that I don’t know anyone else with the same hair colour and I will also think that redheads rock.  (Because they do.)  I like wearing bright lipstick, I smile (a lot) and I like to think I still have a naughty twinkle in my eye – even at the ripe old age of 42.


So there you have it.  That’s me.  Cracking on a bit, but still a big lover of life.








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  1. Red heads do rock of course!!! You look fab and not 42 at all, I am fast running behind you and will be matching your age in July *groan*!

    I hate totally having my photo taken, I am happy generally what I see in the mirror but photo’s I hate. My camera obviously lies or I have a very kind mirror!!!
    Ali recently posted..May 1st and it has an air of SummerMy Profile

  2. Hello fellow redhead (although mine’s Henna not natural either)! You’re looking good for 42 and life’s definitely not over.
    Aly recently posted..A New DawnMy Profile

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