I think the entire country has heard about my leopard print sofa by now (#sofa.)  It was a great eBay find for £30 and I adore it.  In fact, the more people hate it … the more I love it.  I think it’s entirely because it’s so outrageous that I know my ex would have hated it.  And that pleases me no end.


However, I now have a decorating dilemma …. da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


OK, it’s not that dramatic, but I would really like to make my house more homely now Dexter and I are on our own … more ‘us’ and less ‘the ex.’


The sofas are of a somewhat compact style, ie. they’re low to the ground and I can barely get my voluptuous bum on them, but they look so pretty.  Until I secure my first book deal, they’ll have to do, so I need to work around them.  But what the hell goes with a red sofa and a leopard print sofa?


Of course, my other problem is that actually, I’ve wanted to move for the last year and so it’s all a bit of a moot point really.  Fundamentally, the time is right for me to spread my wings (even at the ripe old age of 42,) and move away from a town I’ve lived in all my life.


Of course, it’s not as straight forward as just selling up (never is is it,) but I’m hoping that things will get resolved sooner rather than later and I can, for the first time ever, move on from a house I’ve lived in for 21 years.


This is the only house I’ve ever owned, and I’ve never owned a house on my own.  I moved straight from home into this house with my (ex) husband, then spent several years on my own with my eldest son, then my last partner moved in nearly ten years ago.


I like living in a house that’s just myself and Dexter, with the eldest visiting every week (although I do miss him terribly.)  I like living by my rules.  I like having the house the way I like it.  My choices.


But I think the time is right to find a house that doesn’t hold any memories of past relationships.  One that is ready to make new memories in.


One that is mine.





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  1. I am so with you on this. I love the bit about ‘I like living by my rules.’ Shortly after my ex moved out I remember packing my three grocery bags into the boot of my miserable little leaving ancient Peugeot (but it was MINE) and I had a sudden happy surge: I chose all the groceries. Me! For me and my daughter. It was weirdly wonderful. And yes, we were in our own (rented) house, not one shared with an ex.
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