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This week’s Gallery theme is ‘Together’ and I just so happened to have taken a wonderful photo this Easter weekend that sums that up perfectly.


After spending most of the weekend catching up on shopping and afternoon Nanna naps, I was beginning to feel that mild guilt that slowly nags and nags until you can’t avoid it any more and you just have to go out and get some fresh air – damn kids.


My best friend suggested we went to a large park not too far away so we packed up our two boys, obligatory Nik Naks, chocolate cupcakes and bottles of squash, and spent the day together.


The boys have a joint fascination with big sticks (bit like dogs really,) and had stick battles, ran into the woods (before we screamed like banshees after them not to go too far,) and when the ice cream van turned up … even though it had to be -2, we all had a Mr Whippy.


Made sense at the time.


The boys played for hours on end, and my best friend and I chatted, and laughed, and laughed some more.  We compared dating stories, talked about our upcoming Rihanna concert (I’m TOO excited .. and yes, I know I’m 42,) and pretty much put the world to rights.


All rounded off nicely with a pint in the pub and a bowl of Nachos.  Perfect.


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