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I’ve written about being plus size before.  Blah blah … I’m bigger than your ‘average’ woman.  It’s not exactly that newsworthy.  However … it IS something that a LOT of women are passionate about.  Not the fact I have big boobs per se (that’s a whole other post) – I mean the fact that it’s a real ‘issue’ in every day life for a lot of us.  From dealing with the “did you see the size of her tits” comments (I find bitch slapping them upside the head helps,) to finding sexy/smart/on trend clothes that fit.


Ah.  The whole clothes debate.  Again, it’s not something that hasn’t been discussed before but I recently began creating a Board on Pinterest (yeah, THAT Pinterest that I said I’d never use,) for ‘Plus Size Clothing’ and I have been really surprised by the popularity of it.


So I started spending more time on this particular Board and I think I’ve created a selection of great outfits that I would love to wear.  I Pinned items that were already on Pinterest, predominantly American clothes, so I thought I’d search the internetz to see if I could find UK clothes that I could promote to my followers.


And herein lies the problem.  WTAF has the British clothing industry got against fuller figured women?!  What did we do to the head of New Look that pissed him/her off SO much that they thought this would be something we’d like to wear?!


Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 14.44.12


I use New Look as my first example because it was the first website I went to.  Now, not only do several of my local branches of New Look not even stock the Inspire range (sizes 14-28) anymore (“No demand” apparently,) but the one branch that does stocks, I’d estimate, twenty items at most.  They are predominantly in dull, muted colours – baggy, non-descript clothes I would never wear.


So I went onto their website, hoping to be inspired (pardon the pun.)  I wasn’t.  And when I Tweeted my opinion, several other bloggers concurred so I don’t think I’m being particularly ‘picky.’


I know several shops, eg. Marks & Spencer, do make bigger clothes.  I also appreciate that shops like Lipsy or Karen Millen just don’t give a tiny rat’s arse about catering for bigger women.  But it does beg the question … WHY THE FECK NOT?


(Counts to ten ….)


OK, I can’t make every clothing manufacturer see sense but I’m just so tired of having this debate.


I did some research before writing this post (which basically just consisted of me going shopping,) but for every woman that has ever gone into Evans, you’ll know what I’m about to say.  No, Evans, I do not want to always wear checked shirts!  Nor do I like my clothes being tied up at the back with a big bow like I’m a six year old girl.  Nor … do I want everything I wear to be covered in beading and sequins like I’m off on a cruise.


We, (I’m using the Royal ‘we’) want to look smart, sophisticated, cute, sexy, even mildly on trend.  We’re not asking for something that isn’t afforded to other women.  Why the differentiation just because we have bellies that move as we walk?


I date.  I work full time.  I’m a mother of two.  A blogger.  A sister.  A daughter.  I have bright ginger hair that I PAY to have that way.  I love red lipstick.  I have a waist that I like to accentuate.  A cleavage I like to show off if the mood takes me.  I pay my taxes.  I eat cake.  I also do not dodge salads.  I make videos pretending I’m the Bionic Woman (long story.)  I spout a lot of nonsense on Twitter.  I love my job.  I’m not a wallflower.  I don’t want to be ignored just because I’m a size 18.




I’m a fan of women.  A great believer in all of us being pretty awesome, no matter what size we are.  I’m not jumping on the ‘curvy girls are better’ bandwagon, because they’re not.  This whole ‘Real Women’ nonsense gets my back up – we’re ALL real!


So why aren’t bigger girls treated the same and given the opportunity to look as good as our thinner sisters?


Meh.  Can’t see Mr or Mrs New Look reading this and thinking, “Oh no, one rogue blogger is kicking off so we better take her views seriously and make a change.”   Nah, not gonna happen.


But wouldn’t it be fabulous if it did?





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  1. I hear you. I now go to stores I would never have considered in the past to find appropriate items. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it. Here, I’m stuck between clothes for grandmas and clothes for teenagers. There’s a narrow band in the middle I try to stick to, but it usually takes a full day or two to find appropriate items. Good luck and godspeed!
    Stephanie recently posted..A Few Ways to Tell You’ve Given UpMy Profile

  2. Well said! At 5ft tall as well as round I have a further line of enquiry for you. Why do petit sections only go up to a size 16 eg BHS, Next etc. Are they saying only tall people can be fat?
    May I point you in the direction of La Redoute. Beautiful, unusual clothes for women of ALL sizes. I’ve had some gorgeous stuff, there’s always a sale on too!
    Fab post x

    1. Wow. I didn’t know that about Petite ranges. That sucks. I don’t tend to shop online – I’m like the Queen, prefer to deal in cash 🙂 so I’m generally only looking at High Street shops. But thanks for the heads up.

  3. Hear Hear – completely agree.
    I’m with you on the online shopping (or also being a queen) – especially as a bigger woman and the models they pick are always skinny. Dotty P’s used to be good for a while but they now have decided that stick thin women are better to cater for – size 6 anyone?
    I’ve started shopping in M&S when I can afford it, Evans – makes me want to scream, I’m still young(well ish -35) and don’t want a hammock for my also ample boobs!, George @Asda is also good!
    Barenakedmummy recently posted..The one where I got craftyMy Profile

    1. I find the occasional nice thing to wear in Dotty P’s. Their jeans are ok. But I guess I’m just talking more in general terms – how ‘we’ are perceived … and pretty much discarded.

  4. Cracking post, Kate. I agree 100%. I’m a size 16 and some tops I buy in an 18, espcially coats cos I likes em baggy like!! My daughter Amy loves New Look but she’s tall and slim!

    Something that makes me really angry is catalogue shopping. I occasionally get a catalogue, “Very” being one of them, full of size 6 models, modelling clothes that would look absolutely crap on a size 16 woman. And one that really pee’d me off was the Simply Be one – a catalogue for the larger lady, but the majority of their models can’t even be a size friggin 10, never mind size 14 through to 32 or whatever sizes they go up to. How do they expect a ‘larger lady’ to choose the right style off a size 10 model. Clothes need to be modelled by women of bigger sizes for us ‘larger ladies’ to see how they’ll look on us. GRRRRR.

    Great post!!

    CJ x
    Crystal Jigsaw recently posted..Not Quite There YetMy Profile

    1. Thanks for persevering and commenting K! I didn’t even touch on the whole ‘skinny models modelling plus size clothing’ issue. Was vex enough as it was! But you make an excellent point x

  5. I’m a size 20-22 and it drives me up the wall too. I find Evans too full of clothes for older women, or women who want to dress old, and their more contemporary ranges are seriously lacking in fashion style. I do swear by their jeans, as I’m a shortarse and I can’t get properly fitting short leg jeans anywhere else (and there’s no way I want hipsters with a belly like mine, muffin top ahoy!)

    Very occasionally I find something really cute in New Look, but like you say, the range has been significantly squeezed, if not removed from some stores, and I hate the amount of polyester that is used in smarter clothes. I don’t want that horrid see through material, I want stylish, flattering and fashionable. I’m no teenager, at 40, but I’m not going to start dressing in Bon Marche just yet!

  6. well said that woman, I was size 22 for most of my adult life, clothing catalogues came through my letterbox and did not even hit the mat before I scooped them into the bin. Evans is completely shite, and why is the quality of almost ALL clothes for beautiful fuller figured women so very poor and I’m not just talking design I’m talking finish and fabric, what are we trying to do punish women for not being size 14 by making them wear sack cloth and ashes? I used to cry when I would see styles I would have loved in my size? why for the love of God cant a decent fashion brand create good, well made, flattering designs and styles. I was once told in M & S – well at your size you cant expect much can you? and I left in shame – well actually I can expect a lot but I never got it in your store
    alysonsblog recently posted..Silent Sunday #SilentSundayMy Profile

    1. I know I’m not the only one who’s felt like this for years and your comment proves it. we have been made to feel like second class citizens and, at the risk of sounding like a mentalist, I think it’s a bloody outrage.

  7. Hi I’m replying while in car so excuse any mistakes. I’m currently heading on holiday and good god what a trauma finding nice clothes to wear and I’m a UK average 16/18. I’ve bought a mixture of stuff from New Look(not there fat range as a staff member called it), BHS(some hidden gems) River Island(totally shocked at tjis)and Monsoon. Hardest to find was a supportive swimsuit not in shiney snakeskin, it cost me 45quid in the end from Frost French. I find it completely stupid of companies not to pay more attention of ALL buyers out there. I hope to blog some of my outfits as I’m tired of people thinking plus size means leggings and t shirts. Thanks for blogging about this I look forward to reading everyones comments.

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