After last night’s douchebaggery nonsense, I felt a little deflated today.  Not in a ‘FML … I’m like SO depressed because I got stood up’ kinda way … but I just wondered whether it was really even worth me dating again.  Maybe this is God’s way of telling me that I don’t actually need a man in my life and quite frankly, I think he may have a point.


However, I have a minor dilemma in that I had already agreed to go out with someone tomorrow night.


I’d been speaking to this guy last year on this particular dating site but I didn’t fancy him and politely turned him down when he asked me out.  Anyway, we got talking when I went back online a couple of weeks ago and when he asked me out this time, I agreed.  Figured, he seemed a nice guy … perhaps he’ll surprise me and we’d end up really getting on.  (Not getting IT on.)


But I just don’t know if I can put myself out again if I’m honest.  Can I really be arsed?  Dating, and all the unnecessary shenanigans that goes with it, is exhausting.  Seriously.  All of you lot that are all loved up (yeah, whatever,) have no idea what it’s like out there – especially when you’re of a ‘certain age’ and judged for it accordingly.


The other issue with this potential date tomorrow is that he’s SO bloody keen.  Typical.  He’s just text me (again):  “You OK Kate?  Did you enjoy your sausages?”


Seriously.  WTAF?


He’s a nice enough bloke but FFS … don’t ask me if I enjoyed my God damn sausages – that’s not sexy.  Although … No.  It’s not.


So what do I do?  He’s assured me he’ll turn up (bonus,) that dinner is his treat (BONUS,) and that he’s really looking forward to meeting me.  As for me … I feel flat, disinterested and bored.  Bored of it all if I’m honest.


Now believe me – I’m a glass is half full kinda girl … promise you, but URGH.  Just URGH.


So …. should I stay (in and eat Revels in bed) or should I go?


*  UPDATE:  My babysitter can’t make tonight as she’s poorly so the choice was taken out of my hands anyway!



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