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So, it’s Red Nose Day tomorrow and I’m ashamed to say, other than give a donation to Team Honk (aka Annie, Tanya and Penny,) I hadn’t planned to do anything this year.


*hangs head*


So I thought to myself, what could I do that might at least raise a smile and, in the process, embarrass the hell out of me … and perhaps spur people on to also give a couple of quid to Team Honk?


And I can’t quite believe I’m sharing this, but ….. below is an embarrassing video of me, taken on Monday, post double tooth extraction.  Suffice to say, it’s not one of my finest moments.


My love life is appalling anyway, so it’s not like this video is going to make it any worse.  So sod it.





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  2. Love this… In my eyes your a legend as not only are you so funny but I’m scared of the dentist and actually got myself thrown out having attacked them all at the dentist phobia clinic that I waited a year to go to. In my defence this was done under the inference of some heavy cocktail of drugs they feed me. At first I was happy on a Merry-go-round next I thought people were trying to get in my mouth and live inside me. It resulted in not one single tooth being removed out of the 4, which meant more toothache. There is a vid my friend took of me dribbling and crying that I still had my teeth lol.
    Total mess and big dribbling babba. At 30 my teeth are wrecked because I’m so scared of the dentist that I throw up with the smile of them. I dunno what started it I think it was having teeth out awake at 8 as I’ve never been the same.

    Well done you for sharing loved it. Claire.x

    1. Jeez. Sorry you’re having so many problems with your teeth. Don’t know anyone that actually ‘likes’ going to the dentist but can you not be put out completely (not permanently 🙂 to get your teeth seen too? I doubt you’re the only person that has such a phobia – sounds awful you poor thing x

  3. You are amazing, woman. You’re still funny in that situation. I’m not squeamish at all but when I saw that blood….! xx
    Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer recently posted..Healing our Children.My Profile

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