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Mother’s Day is a little tough in my house sometimes. I lost Mum eight years ago but I still miss her terribly.  And of course, to add to the equation, this year I’m single.  My boys, however, always lift my spirits and I’m sure tomorrow will be just fine.  Even if I have to cook dinner myself.  I know, right!  Bloody liberty.


However, I was sent a lovely gift earlier in the week which I’ve sneakily opened early and it’s cheered me up no end.  It’s a small basket which contains:


Lemon & lavender marmalade

Lavender & champagne truffles

Lavender bath & shower gel

Lavender & olive oil body lotion

Lavender bath creamer



riverside lifestyle 1


I checked out their website and I think a lot of my readers would love this place because not only can you purchase these goodies online, as well as a whole array of other luxurious items, you can also stay there!  It’s a gorgeous thatched cottage in Hampshire, near Winchester, complete with a swimming pool!  To be honest, had I thought about it earlier, staying there for a couple of days would have been perfect for Mother’s Day.  A lovely roam around the gardens followed by a G&T in the conservatory – bliss.


But thanks Riverside Lifestyle … you’ve made the eve of a tough day a little easier.




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  1. Masses of love to you.

    I got told off by my Mumma today. I explained that as it’s payday next Friday (typical) I’m broke so I’d take her out for tea on Friday and get her a pressie then as well, Mumma then proceeds to launch into a HUGE rant about that I don’t need to get her anything after everything I have done and helped her with after her stroke late last year. I cried.
    I love my Mumma to bits.

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