The last summer holiday I went on was six years ago to Fuerteventura with my ex and my two boys.  Six years on and things have changed a lot … apart from the fact that I STILL haven’t managed to get away for a summer holiday.


(cue violins …)


However, I have a cunning plan this year.


(Dexter is sat next to me asking what my cunning plan is.  Hold on son.  All in good time.)


First of all I thought I’d research family holidays.  Nothing expensive (obvz) but somewhere hot.


And then I hit my first snag.  It seems being a single parent is a costly business.  I just got myself royally supplemented.  My next cunning plan was just to get a stand-in to share the costs … but that’s probably a bit weird.  Even by my standards.


So, instead, I devised a game that Dexter and I play instead.  It’s called the ‘Imaginary Holiday’ game, (clue’s in the title.)  Granted, we don’t actually go anywhere, and predominantly play it whilst he’s in the bath (which really isn’t as exotic and swimming in the Maldives,) but we improvise.


We imagine the most perfect holiday we can and plan where we’re going to go, what we’re going to do while we’re there and what it will look like.  Our last holiday was to Hawaii.  I suggested getting bikes but Dexter wanted a limo.  I relented.  It was an imaginary holiday after all.  I suggested that our day consisted of visiting volcanoes and eating fish.  Which we’d obviously catch ourselves.  With spears that Dexter offered to make. The sun would be hot, but not too hot.  Dexter’s drink of choice was lemonade with ice and a slice – mine was a triple vodka.  Neat.


We’d walk to the bakery every morning for fresh bread and cakes, saving some for a picnic lunch on the beach.  I’d read books by the pool, Dexter would play Minecraft on my laptop.  I’d wear a pretty maxi dress every evening.  Dexter wanted to wear denim shorts and a check shirt every day.


You get the gist.


The game was devised initially to distract Dexter from me combing his hair but now I think I might have set myself up somewhat to actually have to take the damn kid on holiday now!  (Kidding.)


I think we’ll wait until mid-summer holidays and look for some latedeals and hope that I can find something suitable for the two of us.


Failing that, we can always pretend.



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  1. You could also look at the budget airlines and book a flight with them and arrange accommodation yourself. With just 2 of you, you could have a ball, stay at youth hostels and so on.

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