It’s fast approaching yet another time of year  I dread – the holidays in February half term.  Although to be fair, as a working mum, one holiday seems to blend into another because I still have to work … and I still have to find childcare for Dexter.


However, I am toying with doing something a little different this year.  Quick trip to Hawaii?  Another trip to the Kent coast with 180 school kids?  Spending a whole week at home re-painting the lounge?  (I know which one I’d choose if I had the choice!)


I thought I might take Dexter to Butlins.


Butlins has changed a lot over the last few years.  I went there two years ago for a Tots 100 Christmas party and got to stay in one of the hotels … and I was really impressed.  I only haven’t been back since because life got in the way.  Which is all rather annoying.


I love the idea of spending a whole week with Dexter.  I would imagine stay at home parents might find that weird (I would have done when I was one!) but when you’re a full time working mum you feel guilty for working all the time when the kids are at school … then you feel guilty all the time for when you’re working and the kids are in a holiday club!


Guilt is a common theme for most parents I would imagine.


I figured going to Butlins would make the ideal trip for both of us.  Swimming pool, all you can eat breakfast and comfy beds – we don’t ask for much.  I don’t care if it rains.  I don’t care if it’s cold.  Just the thought of not having to get up for work is delicious.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love my job!)


I daren’t tell Dexter in case it doesn’t happen, because he will literally ask me every single day until we go, “How many sleeps before Butlins?” and I can’t bear the stress of that!


Anyway, watch this space.  I may just be thinking out loud about going away because I’m feeling guilty because it always seems like I’m working … and I know he misses me.  That’s the trouble when you’re both Mum AND Dad to a child – you burn yourself out.


I have never needed a holiday more.




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