I found an old iPod the other day that had some albums downloaded on it that I’d never heard before.  Not sure who’d downloaded them on there, but Adele was on it so I basically just played that over and over again whilst doing the washing up.  (As if washing up wasn’t depressing enough.)


Anyway, I scrolled through the playlist and found an album by Chris Brown.  Hmmm.  OK, I admit to having liked a lot of his music in the past (so sue me,) but obviously since HE BEAT HIS GIRLFRIEND UP TO A BLOODY PULP, I’ve weirdly gone off him.


Dexter has heard some of his songs before on the TV music channels and asked me why I kept turning his songs off when they come on.


Was he too young for the whole ‘Chris Brown’ chat?


I decided that, at nearly nine years old, he wasn’t.  So I explained what had happened between Brown and Rihanna and why I felt the way I did about him … as best as I could in eight year old terms.


I explained that Chris Brown might look cool on the TV, yes, he dances well (although not as well as me, obviously,) and sing some good songs, but that he wasn’t a very nice person.


I then explained, in simple terms, what he did to Rihanna.


Now part of me really didn’t want to have that chat with Dexter.  I didn’t want him to know that there were people in the world that treated women like this.  That there were people that thought it was OK to beat the living crap out of other human beings, especially women.  That no matter whether they had argued, or he was angry, no one ever has the right to do that.


I really felt that I was taking another small slice of his innocence away.


On the other hand, I think it’s really important to instill morals, values and fundamentally, what’s right and wrong, into my children and, as the only parent responsible for Dexter, I took the view that some things he needs to know.


He didn’t ask many questions but this just means he’s soaking up what I’ve told him and we can re-address it down the line but he did concur with me that Brown was, and I quote, “a goon.”


I hate that I felt I had to have that chat.  That there are men in this world who think they can kick the shit out of women just because they’re pissed off with the world.  And now Dexter knows these people exist.


I couldn’t even begin to explain why it appears Rihanna is still seeing Brown … I’ll save that for another time.


And as another report is released of Brown being involved in an assault against another singer, (and I haven’t even mentioned the whole ‘lets dress up like a terrorist/have a tattoo on your neck of a woman with a black eye thing,’) it’s just yet another reason for me to hate Chris Brown.





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