I’m going out on Saturday night with my best friend.  Nothing unusual in that, except … we very rarely go out these days so it IS a bit of a big deal.  We’ve both got new jobs and don’t have as much time for each other as we’d like at the moment, we’re both single, and we can’t wait to have a top night out.


(There MAY be another karaoke video to follow.  Sorry.)


But … as I sit here watching Gok glam up some lovely single ladies, I suddenly realised, at 42, what the hell do I wear on a Saturday night out?


I’m not messing about … seriously … what the hell do I wear?!


I’m too old for short skirts (as hot as my legs are … OBVIOUSLY,) and being a bigger girl I am also careful about just how much to have on show.




I think I know what I want to look like (in an ideal world ‘n that,) but putting it into practice, is another thing.  Being skint doesn’t help.


Right, so in my head, I think I’d like to look like this on Saturday:



But sometimes I REALLY want to look like this:



But I expect I’ll end up looking like this:



I want to look sexy, but not too sexy.  I want to look my age(ish) but not too old.  Or too young.  Especially not too young.  I want to look sophisticated, but not frumpy.  I want to look fashionable, but not overly ‘try too hard’ trendy.


I can’t be the only woman that feels this way, surely?


It’s SO much easier for men.  Jeans and shirt at any age and they look fine.


Utter gits.




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  1. Everytime I’ve seen you (at BritMums) you looked like the lady in the sparkly dress, in fact I thought that WAS you. Hope you Sat night rocked. SOOO jealous x

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