Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy New 2013 ‘n that!


So, you may be wondering what this blog is all about, who the hell am I, and why all the secrecy.


I’ll explain a little.


I used to blog about my dating woes on my personal blog.  Lots of people seemed to like living vicariously through me whilst having the safety net of Dave/Bob/Maureen sat next to them at home.  I would never give out personal details about the men I dated and besides, it’s not like they were meant to actually find the posts I wrote!


But one date did.




And he really wasn’t happy.


I thought I was actually quite nice about him as it goes, but weirdly enough, he disagreed and I got a fair bit of aggro for it.


So, I had a mass debate (cough) about what I should do and came up with this ingenious idea.


Firstly, have a three month dating break, lick your wounds a bit (that’s ‘wounds’ .. I can’t bend that way,) and then I would create a new, anonymous(ish) blog.


Ha!  In your face 38 year old cardigan loving Mummy’s boy!


So here we all are.


“What next?” I hear you ask.  All one of you.


I thought Tales from the Date Side could be a place where I can share horrific stories with you of the men I date, historic stories of scary hen weekends in Blackpool involving men in white y-fronts hiding under beds, and any guest posts from people who want to keep me company with tales of their shit dating life.


Posts previous to this one are from my dating life last year …. and posts after this post are from this year.


Trouble is …. I don’t have anyone to date.


But that’s all about to change.





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  1. I am looking in my crystal ball and predict that this will be made into a film/book.


    Lots love xxxx

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