A very belated Happy New Year to everyone!


I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately.  A combination of having a lovely long break at Christmas and spending it with my family instead of my laptop, combined with toothache hell (HELL I tell you,) and, well, life just getting in the way.


Nearly three years after beginning this blog, I still have no idea if anyone is remotely interested in what I write, and yet I continue to write anyway because, quite frankly, after all this time, I enjoy it.  Simple as.  I have bills to pay (SO many bills,) and so there may be the occasional review on the blog but I still want to keep the blog relevant, interesting, personal and, hopefully, at least mildly entertaining.


Anyway, what has been going on chez WitWitWoo I hear you ask?


Well, it was my first single Christmas in ten years and I have to say, once I got over the whole ‘I’m the only person ever to have been single at Christmas,’ (even though I’m obviously not, but it feels like it sometimes,) I had a great time!  My brother and his family kindly invited my boys and me over for Christmas dinner, and even my Dad came.  We all went to the pub beforehand, we had such a laugh and, above all, it was such a relaxed atmosphere.  I didn’t have to worry about the ex, there was no stress and it was actually a reminder of how Christmases used to be when Mum was alive.


There is still a lot going on with the ex that I can’t talk about, but that’s a daily battle really and once the new year began, I actually felt a subtle mind shift.  2012 was such a horrible year in many ways that as I lay in bed watching the fireworks on TV on New Year’s Eve, I just felt a calm take over.  I felt positive.  I may have felt slightly tipsy too … but above all, I had the sudden realisation that I don’t have to answer to anyone anymore.  I’m in control of my own destiny and, as dramatic and clichéd as that sounds, 2013 will be MY year.  Fact.


As for my lovelife … well … I haven’t dated for over three months now.  I know right?!  My last date left a bad taste in my mouth (cough,) but I have been glad of the break.  It’s a jungle out there (and down there now,) and maybe this year I’ll find someone nice to spend time with.


There again, maybe my lap will be mounted by another stonewashed jean wearing manchild.


Having said that, it would be nice to get back in the saddle again.  As it were.  So I’m toying with the idea of trying out a paid dating site.  I’ll keep you posted.


Work is going great.  It’s the first job that I genuinely enjoy and find fulfilling.  I feel valued, I’m part of a great team and we’re doing well.  I am always learning (after Uni I really missed learning,) and, having taken part in my first pitch to a client last week, am confident that I can continue to develop my skills as the company’s Social Media ‘guru.’


My eldest has just turned eighteen years old … which has made me feel incredibly old, but he had a lovely birthday and as long as I continue to only look 24 myself, it’s all good.


Dexter’s hair is as big as Saturn now and he never fails to make me laugh every day.


Ooooh … AND …. I’m going out on the town on Saturday with my BFF, so preparation will begin … probably tomorrow.  I need to get the lawnmower out.


So that’s it really.  Few other things going on (good and bad,) but just wanted to let my two readers know that I’m still alive and doing OK.


You can sleep well tonight.



OH!  And I nearly forgot … I only went and bought a leopard print sofa.  Awwwww yeah!




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  1. AND! AND! You got the sexiest sofa ever! I may still be a tad jealous about the sofa…

    Happiest of New Years to you me dear. Make this YOUR year and have a fabbyliscious year xo

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