Yesterday was a big deal for me insofar as the day job goes.  My boss had asked me to attend a meeting in London with the CEO of our biggest client to be the Social Media ‘expert.’


Ah, that’ll be me then.


(Stop laughing at the back.)


So, we set off in the morning and I sat on the train, Tweeting friends, reading my notes, and it struck me that for once, I wasn’t going to be someone’s assistant at this meeting, not someone’s PA … I was actually there in my own right.


I was more excited rather than nervous and my colleagues are great company so it didn’t feel stressful in the slightest.  The journey was a typical commute, dodging the psychos at Victoria, my colleague getting her bag stuck in the turnstile, no-one giving up their seat to a pregnant woman (her not me!) another psycho standing behind me in the lift at Russell Square whispering to me and the other 50 people squashed in the lift, “I bet you wondered why I gathered you all here today,” and so on.


All perfectly normal.


After a rushed sandwich lunch we made our way to the meeting and weren’t kept waiting too long.  As the boss’ PA collected us and asked us what we wanted to drink, it struck me – that was always my job.  I had worked as a PA for over twenty five years and even though I got to the ‘top of my game’ as it were, I always thought I was capable of doing more.


And so here I am, at the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  Being part of a team in my own right.  Contributing, learning, growing, and finally loving my job.


Sounds clichéd but I tell you this … this new chapter has been a long time coming.




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  1. Go Baby!!! Can’t think of anyone better for it!

    As for that bloke in the lift!? I would have been p*ssing myself! You do seem to find them!

    Kate recently posted..Keep Fit ~ GPMy Profile

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