Oh I do love a good bounce up and down, don’t you?  Oi!  Get your minds out the gutter, I meant on a trampoline of course!


When my eldest was young, I took him to trampoline lessons every week and the temptation to bundle all the kids out the way and jump on there myself was so irresistible I actually had to walk out of the sports centre once and hold the Lotus position for half an hour just to calm myself down.  (OK, not strictly true, but I was tempted.)


Fast forward ten years and Dexter has very kindly been sent a trampoline by the generous guys at Big Game Hunters.  Only, there’s been a slight problem.


The delivery guys left the big box of trampoline ‘stuff’ down my alleyway (ooer) and, seeing as I’m on my own, I can’t move the damn thing!  It’s literally stuck between my front and back doors (OOOOEEEEERRRRRR) and now the weather is pants, it’ll disintegrate if I do move it while it’s wet.


(God, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, sorry.)


So … the plan is this.  Father Christmas has brought the trampoline for Dexter early, (as it’s too big for the sleigh,) and has left it in my very capable (ha!) hands to put together for Dexter to use next summer.


Everyone’s a winner!


Except, this does actually mean I’ve got to build the trampoline in the summer.  Hmmm.  I wonder if Father Christmas will bring me some tools for Christmas?


Bigger the better.





We were given a trampoline to review.



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