It’s finally happened.  I’ve turned into my Dad.


You see, I’ve been a part of a couple for a really long time.  Most of my twenties devoted to one relationship and my thirties to another, and sharing the cost of the bills meant that I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of how much everything cost.  I mean obviously, I knew how much my Aviva home insurance costs, my car tax, grocery shopping and electricity, (namely because I was always the one that organised everything!) but with two sets of wages coming in each month, the bills were a little easier to cover.




Now I’m on my own again and working full time, and every penny counts.  I mean every, single penny.  And it’s bloody hard work!  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pity blog post, a ‘woe is me, my life’s so hard,’ but I have had to make sacrifices in order to keep a roof over our heads for as long as I can.


For example, I’ve had a Cuppa Soup for lunch every day since January.  Literally, every day I’ve worked this year, I’ve had soup for lunch.  That way, I save about £2.50 a day by not buying a sandwich from Sainsbury’s round the corner.  Granted, I could do with losing the weight, but I’m a little bit bored of it now.  I buy Value brands instead of famous brand names.  I shop around for insurance.  I haven’t had a hair cut for over six months.  I buy Dexter’s clothes from charity shops.  I don’t buy clothes for myself at all.  And the one thing that really reminds me of my Dad?  I now make sure that all lights are turned off in the house if we’re not using them and the heating only comes on to take the edge off the cold.


I even found myself saying to Dexter:  “Put a jumper on, that’ll keep you warm.”


Yup, I’m that parent.


Don’t get me wrong, we were comfortable growing up and I know there are a lot of people worse off than me now, but my life has really changed lately.  I think I now appreciate the small things more.  Taking a day off work and being able to pick Dexter up from school.  Not buying magazines anymore so that once a week I can treat Dexter to tea and cake at the weekend.  Watching Australian Masterchef together and having ‘our’ programme to watch together.  Saving up to go to the cinema to see the one film he’s been waiting to see all year.


I’m trying to be all things to everyone – money earner, homemaker, mother, father, friend, sister, daughter …. and sometimes I think I get a little lost in the equation.


But what can you do eh, other than your best?



This post was brought to you by Aviva.

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