I love boobs.  Boobs are brilliant.  They’re soft, and squishy and bouncy.  What’s not to love?  Can I get an amen??




Being someone who was ‘blessed’ in that department, I do find myself moaning about them sometimes though, (not that anyone listens mind you,) but as painful/annoying/in the way as they can be sometimes, I do my best to look after them and I’m grateful I have them.


As much as I’d love someone else to check them every month for me, (form an orderly queue,) for now at least, I do that myself and if I’m honest, I don’t do it as often as I should.


I’ve had a little, (or big in my case,) reminder sent to me this week when I received this in the post:


It’s a bright pink, sports bra made by Panache (who recently won the award for Best Sports Bra at the UK Lingerie Awards 2012,) who have recently teamed up with the charity Coppafeel! to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.


Now I’m lucky enough not to have lost anyone close to me to breast cancer but I’m very aware of the statistics, that one in three people will get cancer.  It’s a shockingly depressing figure, isn’t it?


Any help I can personally give to highlight this campaign I will, even if it’s just by mentioning it on my blog.


For each bra purchased, one of CoppaFeel!’s most important projects, the Boobettes, will receive a donation that helps them to continue their great work of raising breast cancer awareness in schools and organisations.  Kristina Rhianoff is fronting the campaign and if you’d like more information, you can find out more about CoppaFeel! on their website, and then purchase the Panache Sports bra in pink from one of the recommended retailers.  They even sell them in my size!  I KNOW!


I’ve worn the bra and it’s comfortable, supportive and looks good – everything I’d quite like in a boyfriend as it goes!  I don’t want to put you all off your lunch and post a picture of me wearing it so I’ll post this one of Kristina instead!



So grope away … preferably when no-one’s looking …. hell, grope a friend’s boobs if she (or he) is willing!  The more we check, the more we’re likely to notice any changes.


And if anyone wants to check mine, the criteria are really quite simple.  Email me for further details 🙂




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