This week’s dating problem is one that I’ve struggled with myself.  It’s a bit of a deal breaker and, at the risk of sounding shallow (ah, who cares, these things are important!) I’ve refused to reply to potential dates based only on this ‘issue.’  So, here goes …




Dear Dating Genius

A man has messaged me from a dating site.  He’s quite cute, his profile isn’t completely dire and he has all his own teeth.  Win.  One problem.  He has really bad dress sense.  In every photo he’s posted he looks like a charity shop reject, and not in a cool Portobello Road kinda way.

Can you ever get past someone who wears shit clothes?


Yours, a massive fan

(I’m not actually massive, just a big fan of your work.)



Well Massive Fan, I actually tweeted about this major issue myself today so I can totally feel your pain.


If you’re anything like me, before you reply to any message, you microscope every last detail of their message, profile and photos.  I can pretty much determine what someone’s like just by what type of sofa they’re sitting on or what tie they’re wearing at work.  A picture speaks a thousand words, the main one being … RUN!!!!


Take this example if you will, (please take him, I really don’t want him.)



On the surface he seems nice enough (even pre-blurred face.)   He’s 36, he has a job and there was nothing that wrong with his profile – the fact he’s Irish went a long way if I’m honest, (sucker for a cute accent.)


But look a little closer.


I cannot get over the thinking behind buying … then actually wearing this top.   Look at it.  It. Is. Laced. Up.


If I dated this guy all I’d be thinking is, “I thought Mr Byrite shut down years ago!”


So, to summarise, yeah you can buy a guy clothes but you know what?  If a grown arse man has really bad taste in clothes, it doesn’t bode well, and then you’ll be lumbered buying his clothes for the duration of your relationship.  You’re not his mother after all.


Trust your gut instinct and ignore anyone that calls you shallow.  They’re probably wearing really bad shoes.





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