We were lucky enough to be given a copy of the interactive Wonderbook Book of Spells game and camera eye when we went to the launch of the game a couple of weeks ago, only to realise when we got home  … that our Playstation 3 doesn’t actually work!


However, seeing as Dexter ended up playing the game for several hours whilst we were at the launch (great excuse for me to sit back and sip a few glasses of non-alcoholic champagne) I thought I’d ask him what he thought of the game.


He replied:  “I get to set fire to things – it’s brilliant.”


I should probably be a bit worried … but that bit did look fun!


From where I was sitting, the production of the game was of a high quality, there were some pieces of witty writing/voiceovers and the exciting music all added to make a really interesting game.  A narrator guides you through and teaches you the movements needed to successfully cast the spells – each double-page spread of the Wonderbook is turned into an array of interesting stories, spell recipes and challenges as you progress.


I love the concept of using the interactive Wonderbook and the wand controller thing (I’m sure there’s a technical term for it!) and if Dexter’s happy, I’m happy.  Once we get the PS3 working, we’ll get a better idea of how much longevity there is in the game, but for the first couple of hours, he really enjoyed it and if you lead a mentally hectic lifestyle like I do, and you don’t have time to read to your children one night (like 77% of parents don’t,) it’s at least something book related for your child to do before bedtime.  Better than a shoot ’em up game anyway.


Here’s a trailer for the game if you want to see for yourselves what it’s all about.


If you’re anything like me, you don’t want your child playing violent games (however ‘tame/fun’ they think they are!) and this is a great compromise.  We’re massive Harry Potter fans and suckers for anything related so it’s the type of game that I’d actually sit down with Dexter and play with him.




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