I love my job.  Granted, I’ve only been there three months, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it.   We work hard, all get on and as it’s a small, integrated marketing agency, it’s often all hands to the pump.  Metaphorically speaking you dirty lot.


Today, I was tasked with resourcing freelance designers.  We’d been sent CVs so I wrote to them all to ask to see a portfolio of their work, so that I could print it off to give to my boss.  I work better just being left to get on with a task and by this afternoon I had a good selection of freelancers ready to contact.


And then I got an email from one of them.


This particular candidate said he was “a bit alarmed” that I’d written to him asking to see his portfolio of work as he wasn’t a designer but a “writer/creative.”


I replied that considering he’d been the one to send his CV to us I had presumed he was interested in working with us and that actually I was a bit alarmed that I’d had the same email from him twenty times.  I presumed he had a glitch with is computer.  No big deal, right?


He replied, and I quote:


“sounds like u need to call your it guy. I’m deleting you from my contacts. not into working with fuck wits. and it’s not a cv, dear. get to grips.”




I’m a fuckwit.


And you want a job?  With our company.


I’ve mentioned before that it took me a long time to find full time employment after graduating.  I cannot begin to comprehend the thinking behind this fool’s email (let alone the fact he called me dear.  Dear?  I’ll smash his bloody face in.)


Ironically, when his CV, or whatever he wants to call it came in, I commented to a colleague that his accompanying photo was really twatty and looked like it belonged on a dating site … he’d taken a photo of himself facing a mirror with a mirror behind him.


What a cock.


I spoke to my boss and I told her I would compose a suitable reply.  Thankfully, she trusted me not to resort to his puerile level, but boy was it difficult.


I replied:


“For someone who calls themselves a ‘writer/creative,’ I find your email wholly unprofessional, inappropriate and downright rude, with such a poor use of such a beautiful language.  I wish your future employers the best of luck.”


He replied:


“Good luck with your career, I think you’ll need it.”


This man calls himself a professional.  A man that’s looking for a job.  Is this really how he expects to find work?


I didn’t reply, as tempting as it was, but it did annoy me.  I hadn’t been rude to him and yet he felt it OK to talk to me like that.


What a tool.


No doubt I’ll be dating him by the end of the week …

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  1. That’s hilarious “dear”

    I talk to young guys in my barbers all the time. That attitude is depressingly common. They seem to think they deserve respect by default. I wouldn’t employ any of them to clean up dog shit

  2. What a bell end. Glad to know it’s not just me who encounters this sort of idiocy.
    Personally, even if it meant my career’s end, I’d have to have the last word with this gobshite. If it killed me.

  3. Blimey, maybe he’s only creative when it comes to using a mirror?

    If you DO date him, PLEASE blog about it 😀

    Love you muchly dear *ducks for cover*

  4. I’ve just found this post via your Google+ page Kate, and it really made me giggle! As someone who works in a digital agency and has to coordinate copywriters / designers / developers fairly regularly, this is something I have definitely come across before! What is it with these people?! I wouldn’t dream of being so rude to someone over email, whether I wanted to work with them or not!

    Carley recently posted..Breaking at the BritchesMy Profile

  5. I had to deal with someone like that at my last job – after a similar exchange to above he wrote ‘And don’t ever email me again’ I can’t remember what I said back but I definitely replied just to wind him up.
    Kay recently posted..Hello winterMy Profile

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