I took the day off work on Friday to attend this year’s Guinness Book of Records blogger event.  Now, some of you may remember me mentioning THAT I AM A WORLD RECORD HOLDER and it was only right I went back to defend my title.  A certain blogger who shall remain nameless (Laura,) has basically spent the last year practising domino stacking in the faint hope that she could take my title away from me.


Oh how I laughed.


Anyway, the event was held at Westfields Shopping Centre at Stratford and the PR team had very kindly arranged train tickets for us beforehand so that Dexter and I could smugly walk past the long queue of parents and kids on the last day of half term at our train station and made our way to London on Friday morning.


The GWR team were at Westfields to exclusively unveil the official Guinness World Records Live Interactive Video Experience in the UK to promote the Guinness World Records 2013 book (I’m on page 9 by the way,) and because we were early Dexter enjoyed taking part in that – juggling chainsaws, swimming with sharks … all perfectly normal half term behaviour.


We were treated to lunch in the Giraffe restaurant where we were able to limber up for the three challenges that had been put on for us this year.  I was slightly relieved to see that the challenge I had won the record for had been changed so that, theoretically, I will always be that record holder!  (In your face Laura.)  This time, they had changed the domino challenge and extended the time to a minute.  Sounds simple, but actually this completely alters the way you build a domino tower.  (Hark at me sounding like I know what I’m doing – I was rubbish!)

There was cup stacking (I was rubbish at that too,) sound recognition (even more rubbish,) and sock pairing (yup … rubbish.)   The beer and company, however, were great, and I love how the GWR team (including Craig the Editor – who, incidentally, has THE best job ever,) are so enthusiastic about their work.  Granted, it seems like a really cool job but they’re just all so friendly and fun to be around, and you don’t always get that at blogger events.


There was a face painter and balloon person there (what do you call people who make balloon things?!) who were the best I’ve ever seen – and believe me, like most mums, I’ve seen a lot!



We were lucky enough to be given a goody bag and a voucher to spend new school shoes, not Bakugan (sorry Dexter) and it was lovely meeting some of my very favourite bloggers again.


The Guinness Book of Records is something I grew up with and it’s really nice to pass that on to Dexter and see how his generation are just as excited about the book as we were.


Thanks go particularly to Damian but to all of the GWR team, we had a blast, thank you.


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  1. It sounds like a real giggle. Though the the record breaking was taken VERY seriously obvs.
    I remember pouring over the Guinness book of records, when I was little. I agree, its a lovely thing to share with your children. Amanda x
    P.S. there is a great outline of Dex (shadow theatre) on my post of the Book of Spells launch party. I hope you don’t mind x
    Amanda @gidders1 recently posted..WONDERBOOK BOOK OF SPELLS : The Launch PartyMy Profile

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